Top 10 Places to Visit In Kolkata

Once the capital of British India, Kolkata was highly developed as compared to other cities. With its rich historical values, Kolkata still continues to be cultural capital of the country. The city of Joy, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, situated along the banks river Ganga (Hooghly). Kolkata is also known as the City of Palaces, as it holds in it some of the most magnificent palaces. So if you are willing to visit Kolkata, then here are some of the must visit places in Kolkata.

10. Kalighat Temple

The city of Kolkata found its name from this place. An ancient temple dedicated to Hindu goddess Kali and believed to be one of the 51 ‘shakti peeths’. The temple is situated on the banks of a small canal ‘Adi Ganga’, which connects to the main river Hoogly, which ones flowed through there. Kalighat temple is one of the 51 Shakti peeths and it is believed that the toe of the Hindu goddess Sati, wife of Shiva fell here.

9. Birla Industrial and Technological Museums

One of the units of National Council of Science Museums, BITM is the first popular science museum in Asia. The museum is built on the premises of the ancestral home of Ghanshyam Das Birla. The museum exhibits some of the most spectacular science exhibits and old industrial holdings. It was modeled on the Deutsches Museum of Munich.

8. Indian Botanical Garden

The garden widely famous for its world largest Banyan tree which spreads over 1.5 hectors. The Botanical garden is one of the largest gardens in India spread over 109 hectors. The garden exhibits around 12000 varieties of plants all over the world. The tea which is produced in Assam and Darjeeling was first tested in this garden. The garden was set up for inspecting the major trade plants by Colonel Robert Kyd.

7. Marble Palace

Built by over a variety of 50 different types of marbles, this palace is a must visit for those who are visiting Kolkata. Built by one of the wealthiest landlord of Kolkata, Raja Rajendra Mullick, the place is still residential and is the resident of the family of Raja Rajendra Mullick. One has to take prior appointment from the office of the West Bengal Tourism for visiting the palace.

6. Dakshineshwar Temple

Situated on the eastern banks of Hooghly river, this place is the home of Ma Bhavatarini (a manifestation of goddess Kali). The temple is associated with Ramakrishna dev, a mystic of 19th century Bengal. The temple was built by Rani Rashmoni, a philanthropist and devotee of goddess Kali. It is believed that goddess Kali came to Rani Rashmoni’s dream and asked her built the temple.

5. Jorasanko Takur Bari

The ancestral home Rabindranath Tagore, which now is a part of the Rabindra Bharati University is also a must visit for culture loving people. The mansion is now a museum dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore.

4. New Market

New market is the oldest market of Kolkata, previously named as the Hogg Market. You came to Kolkata and want to buy any stuff, you can come here. There is famous saying that even Tiger’s milk is available here. You can find everything here say it jewellary, clothes, foodstuff basically anything and everything. Even if you are a shopaholic or not, New market will definitely make you one. One thing you should take care while visiting here is the prices of the products. If you are buying things from shops then the price are reasonable, but if you are buying from the roadside shop you have to bargain a lot.

3. Victoria Memorial

One of the most visited places in Kolkata is Victoria Memorial. It was built by Lord Curzon in the memory of Queen Victoria. It is a large marble building with British and Mughal architecture. The Victoria memorial is a museum dedicated to Queen Victoria and other Historical belongings of Kolkata.

2. National Library of India

The National Library of India is the largest library in India (by volume). The library has an excess of over 2.2 million books. Also there at one part of the building resides the ghost of Warren Hasting. People who go to the library very often say they hear sounds of chairs being dragged, books being removed and thrown at that part of the building.

1. Indian Museum

One of the oldest museum of the world, the Indian museum is a must visit. Apart from the spectacular architecture of the museum building, it holds one of the finest historical exhibits. It has six sections namely Arts, Archeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Economic Botany. The Indian museum was originated by the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Among the most famous collection of the museum are an Egyptian Mummy, Ashoka Pillar, Buddha’s Ashes, Buddhist stupa, fossil skeleton of pre historic animals, rare antiques and arts collection, and collection of meteorites.

Among other places that can be visited are Howrah Bridge, Kiderpore Dockyard, Barrackpore, Science City, Nicco Park, Birla Planetorium, etc.

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