Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Top 10 Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

We live in an era where looking good has become a necessity of life. For a person be it a male or a female who think that they are not that blessed by the Almighty in the department of looks, the dream of looking like a million dollars and try hence to become so! How do they make their dreams come true? Well, let’s just say that they actually try and look like a million dollars by spending a million dollars!

Be it the celebrities or common people that we come across in our daily lives, enhancing their features by surgical procedures is a quick fix for them to look like they were born with it! It is actually a million-dollar industry with clients ranging from age 10, till the people who cannot accept their increasing age and want to be youthful as ever. The problem is, that these procedures go wrong too!


Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Here are 10 Hollywood celebrities having a botched up cosmetic surgery!

10. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, a famous country singer who is also a musician songwriter and actress is quite famous for the surgical procedures done on her
At 68, she has undergone a number of plastic surgeries including Liposuction, under-eye work, breast implants, Removing the ‘pelican pouch’ under her chin as she puts it, Botox and fillers. What’s interesting that she is also open and proud upon her surgeries.

9. Joan Rivers

The late Joan Rivers, was an American writer, comedian, producer, television host and an actress. As she used to put it, she had an affair with cosmetic surgeries and used to view it as coffee which she used to keep getting.
She had admitted to having a number of surgeries done and her first procedure was an eye lift in the year 1965. Since then she went on for 739 plastic surgeries as in the news, including facelift, eye lift, Botox and fillers.

8. Lil Kim

American songwriter, singer, and record producer. She faced a lot of flack by the media and people since she stepped out in her new appearance after the surgeries as she looked completely unrecognizable. She has had, facelifts, Enhancements and eye surgeries done till the age of 40 and who knows if many more surgeries are to yet to be performed!

7. Mickey Rourke

American actor, screenwriter and boxer, Mickey has undergone surgeries that made him unrecognizable when he appeared with them. The 62-year-old has undergone many face resurrection surgeries which went wrong. But after many surgical procedures, he finally managed to get his looks together. In an interview he was caught saying that being a boxer, the hits took a toll on his face and to get his looks together he went to the wrong person for having the Resurrection done which got him into the mess.

6. Bruce Jenner

Former U.S track and field athlete, an Olympian, motivational speaker and a reality T.V show artist starring in the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has undergone many plastic surgeries in the recent years. The 65-year-old star has undergone face lists, Botox fillers and as far as having Adam’s apple surgery! Rumoured to having gender reassignment procedures as well, Bruce never commented about his addiction to surgeries and procedures.

5. Kim Novak

An American actress, who began her career in 1954 underwent numerous surgical procedures over the years which went quite wrong. Quoted as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hitchcock films, Kim’s surgeries did more harm than good to her face due to hocking amount of procedures. Silicon injections and over-aggressive fat injections left her face swelled up and abnormal in appearance.

4. Carrot Top

Having an unusual stage name, Scott Thompson or better known as Carrot Top is a famous American comedian, director, producer, writer and singer. Best known for his bright red hair, Carrot Top appeared with plastic surgery procedures done to his face over the years. After a number of eye lifts and Botox, his looks became a hot topic of discussion and being a comedian he faced the controversies in humour and dealt with the same saying ”I am sorry that I look good”. Now, that is one way to manage the crisis!

3. Donatella Versace

Quite famous for her botched up plastic surgery procedures, Donatella Versace who is a world-renowned Italian fashion designer and currently the vice president of the Versace group has had almost everything done to her face. Botox, fillers, skin laser treatments, facelifts, nose jobs, lip augmentation. A number of surgeries left her lip severely inflated and her overall look ‘ugly’ as termed by people and newspapers across the world. Donatella in her defence says that she was not born like this genetically, which is true as she changed her appearance over the years and now is left to attend surgeries to maintain and correct the procedures gone wrong.

2. Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson, who was a world-renowned American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor became a global figure and was known by the name the King of pop. Jackson’s skin colour was medium brown throughout is youth but changed dramatically due to a number of surgeries all over his body becoming paler. It was said that he wanted to make his look more European and used the procedure of skin bleaching for it extensively. What went wrong in his appearance was his attempts to change his facial features which resulted in people questioning his identity. Rhino plasty, forehead list, chin bone surgery, altered lip, Jackson had it all and was criticised by the world for doing so as well.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Famous for her cat-like appearance, Jocelyn Wildenstein, a famous socialite aged 74 has undergone extensive plastic surgeries and tops the list of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Having numerous plastic surgeries done to her face which created an unnatural appearance, she has said to have done that to impress her husband who loved big cats. She says she has got exactly what she wanted and does not regret a thing. Well well, her attitude can be termed quite optimistic in her situation.

These are the Top 10 Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong.

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