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Top 10 Productive Skills you can Learn in a Day

Whether or not we are applying for a job, knowledge, abilities, and of course, skills are something that all of us would definitely want to have, and they are something we already have (in most cases) to some extent or the other. And when you think about it, our various skills can go a long way in shaping who we are, and giving us that extra edge over others, be it in general, when we are trying to get through our personal battles, or when we are vying for that top job at a famed multinational company.

Here are a few Productive Skills that can easily be learned in a day and would really do us much good, if we learn them (unless we have already!):


10. Knowing when to Shut Up

I’m pretty sure all of us have learnt / have this skill in our own personal ways. And for those who think they have when they actually haven’t, well, here’s the thing – just make sure you sit down at the table with your family for a meal and get the conversations flowing – the moment you say something cheeky / something totally irrelevant or uncalled for, the chastising you’ll get will be your reminder for life when it comes to shutting your trap.

9. Knowing when to Speak Up

And of course, conversely, whenever you feel you’ve been slighted, short-changed, or left hanging to dry by your family or friends, the feeling of shock, followed by betrayal, followed by loathing will urge you to set the record straight. And this is something you’d better know how to do – while navigating through life’s mazes, all of us are going to need this skill, unless you have no problem with the entire world taking advantage of and walking all over you, you need to know when the limit has been crossed and state it outright!

8. Saving Electricity

Those of us who have access to regular intervals of electricity, sadly, fail to understand its importance and value that it holds to many of the tens and thousands of people around the world who really need this resource, but are not as blessed as we are to have it so readily at their disposal (even in this day and age). Many of us must have heard umpteen times that all we need is to put off some switches every day, the moment we step out of a room – but how many of us actually do so? That is why even saving electricity is a skill, which can be developed one switch, one day at a time, with benefits ultimately redirected at our planet itself.

7. Being Patient and not Losing It

“Have you lost it? You got so worked up for such a silly thing?” – is this something that you’ve heard before? Then this might be a sign that you may have a problem with keeping your annoyance or temper from bubbling inside and taking over your actions. Knowing when to check yourself before things get really out of hand – sometimes even for small, trivial things – this is a skill, and it’s called being patient. If you’ve ever stood in line at the bank for getting your Pass Book updated (or any similar long queue, without flaring up at the line which never seemed to move), I think you’ve got it under control. If not, try standing in line and not losing your cool!

6. Spending Wisely

All of us need this skill very early on in our lives. When we get our first salary, we often end up spending most of it as a result of the high and happiness that it brings – We don’t need to ask our parents for money anymore! We can do whatever we want, since we earned this! This is how all of think in the beginning, and before long, we’re short of cash for all the real, important stuff (read: payment bills, shopping, procuring food), and we’re back to square one – asking our parents. Just blow up a month’s salary in less than a week, you’ll feel the pinch, and learn.

5. How to Groom Yourself

All of us know and live by the rule that appearances and impressions matter’. A lot. So in that case, it comes as no surprise that in today’s day and age, all of us need to know how to groom our respective selves so that we look presentable at all times, so that come what may, we’ll be able to leave a good impression on whomsoever we might meet (we’re always stumbling into this uncle or that aunty or that long-lost friend, aren’t we?). So that’s why, it’s a skill to always make sure that our clothes aren’t garish, they’re neat and muted, our hair is combed well, nails are done, and especially that we smell good. An outing with friends / family is enough to let you know where you stand on these things!

4. Ironing your Clothes

This is but an extension of the previous point, but I made sure that this was a separate point because this is quite an important skill, all men must especially have. In the office, we just cannot afford for our clothes to have wrinkles that show – we won’t look sharp otherwise. And even after work, if your clothes are still reasonably crisp, you’ll exude the aura of remaining unruffled at all times – that’s why perfectly ironing your shirts and trousers is a handy skill that can be learnt easily – all you need to some hours and patience to get it right!

3. Locating Missing Things

Contrary to what you might think, locating missing things, data or links in information is quite easy, be it on the virtual world or real one. All we need to do is think backwards, remember the people who were involved in the particular task / project, and revisit each development until we locate that event where things went wrong. This can be as easy as finding your missing glasses to who has the morning’s newspaper. Nothing tough, really.

2. Helping around the House

Well, doing chores around the house, and pulling your weight when required is not demanding, demeaning, nasty, or boring. It’s a really valuable, much – appreciated skill, because in doing so, you’re relieving your elders of some of their burdens around the house, re-affirming your love for them, and also giving them an impression that you know you’re responsibilities and take them very seriously. A simple evening spent cutting up vegetables, or doing your own laundry, or cleaning your room, is enough – and I’m pretty sure we don’t need all day to do them!

1. Prioritizing your Day

I’m sure each of us will have various things in our itinerary every day, but the real trick is finding out what comes first, and what can be done later. The point is that whatever happens, at the end of the day, we should not feel as if whatever we did were not that important / or that we missed out on doing something totally necessary – you don’t need an entire day to learn how to prioritize your activities – just a few negative criticisms from your parents / boss for things not getting done when needed (due to which unpleasantness was suffered by you) is enough!

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