Qualities of a Real Man

Top 10 Qualities of a Real Man

Who is a real man?

Muscular, Spectacular, Bachelor? Well, a big NO! These qualities are not enough to make a real man. Real man is someone who is polite, considerate and has manners. He is honest, truthful and fights for people he loves. He respects women in every means. He is hardworking and faithful to people. He is his wife’s hero and role model of his children. He is wise and strong both physically and mentally. He knows what he wants in life and feels grateful for what he has in life.

Guys pay attention here because there are millions of ladies dying to find a great man and ladies you will get to know that sometimes eyes are not enough to judge a man.


Qualities of a Real Man

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Real Man Qualities.

10. Respects women

Respecting women foremost quality that makes a man to real man. He respects the dignity of women and honors her. He is well aware of his words and actions and would never choose to hurt a woman. He knows respecting women would always make him a hero. A real man never puts his hand around girl; rather he would choose to hold her hand in front of everyone without hesitation and make sure that she feels comfortable.

9. Optimistic

A real man never tries to escape from his problems; he believes in facing them and brings out a solution. He carries himself confidently and also motivates others to do so. Life is not a bed of roses, if someone wants to become successful in life, he will also have to face thrones coming his way. Facing challenges are common but it’s the attitude that matters and creates a difference, having a positive attitude may solve most of the life’s problems. Optimistic man would not complain uselessly or search negatives of other as he is too busy improving himself.

8. Faithful

Faithfulness is one of the greatest qualities of real man. No one likes betrayers or cheaters. Finding a faithful man is rare thing but a great thing. Faithful man is one who does what he says. He is honest and trustworthy. Facing distractions are quiet common but being faithful is what makes a real man. A famous quotation ‘a real man doesn’t love a million girls; he loves one girl in million ways’.

7. Independent

Independent men are attractive as they are self-reliant; they never show-off out of their father’s hard earning money, they believe in hard work and making money all by themselves. A real man has the courage to stand alone, even when everyone goes against him. He has goals in his life and believes in fulfilling them. Women too like men who are independent as they are free from influence, guidance and control of others.

6. Never hesitate to take action

A real man would never give a second thought before taking an action against the wrong whether is a street, bus or office. Helping an old to catch the thief or protecting a women from eve-teasers, a real man is always ahead in taking action. The road to real man is paved with process self-development, so he always takes action and also inspires others to do so.

5. Man of words

A person who is committed to his words is said to be man of words and fulfills the promises made. The fight for the one they love. Real man is committed towards his partner, no matter how much distractions he face. A man without words has no respect in the eyes of anyone. They don’t make sudden promises, they think wisely than promise and later fulfills them.

4. Sense of timing

Real man has a great sense of timings and knows the value of punctuality. He knows it very well that time once gone would never come back so he respects time. People saying ‘I’ll do it when I get time’ are disrespectful. Real man takes the initiative of doing work as soon as possible rather than delaying or making excuses.

3. Leader

Real man is a leader, he never order people to follow him; rather he inspire people to follow him. He thinks well before taking any action. He studies the matter very well then takes the decision. He unites his team and led them to work as one. He has good communication skills which make people to deliberately work for him.

2. Knows the value of family

A great saying, a person who has a loving family is rich for sure. Good or bad, happiness or sorrow your family is always beside you to support. A real man knows the value of family, no matter how up he goes; he still respects his family. He asks for opinion from his family members before taking drastic steps. He includes his family members in every celebration. He loves and cares for his family and defends his family from every trouble.

1. Humble

A real man is modest; he let others sing his praises instead of himself. He has hard work ethic. He celebrates his achievements with everyone. He acts responsible and works hard to achieve success not to achieve appreciation. Humble man is also helpful, like someday back I saw a random man helping an old man who was unable to start his car.

Real Man is not dead! You just need to have right eyes to find them.

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