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Top 10 reasons to visit Ireland

Ireland has a distribution of more than 80 million people worldwide. In most of the parts of world you would be hearing “Oh god, I too am Irish too” followed with this sentence “I always wanted to visit Ireland, but couldn’t manage till now”. There are uncountable reasons for you to visit it; one of the reasons could be visiting Emerald Isle. In the list you will find the best reasons that will persuade you to visit Ireland.


10. National Leprechaun Museum

National Leprechaun Museum is situated in Dublin city center, this is a museum dedicated to Leprechaun entirely. Quite a few Irish men were mortified after hearing this was opening. This is one of the major attractions for North American tourists to experience Irish culture, similar to when tourists are enthusiastic to visit the central park, The Statue of liberty etc. This museum features giant furniture’s filling the rooms and pots of gold, all this would certainly make you feel like a Leprechaun. So whenever you visit Ireland, make sure you don’t miss this.

9. Gaeltachts (Irish Speaking Areas)

Some people say that English is spoken in Ireland while a few others claim that English is not spoken at all, some say the language spoken is called “Gaelic” but Gaelic is no language at all. A few think speaking Irish is speaking English with an Irish accent.

In fact English is the first language for majority of them. However more than a quarter of the population speaks Irish fluently, Gaeltachts are government protected areas where people live life the Irish way on day to day basis. These areas are located on the west coast; these are the areas where Irish people were compelled when Cromwell from Britain invaded.

8. The Skellig Islands (Na Scealaga)

There are two small Islands away from the coast of Kerry called The Skellig Islands. These Islands have become famous as they are extremely steep and jagged. Since its located in the Atlantic ocean, the water is very unstable around it. Due to this reason people access these Islands during the summer period. On the larger Island known as the Great Skellig we can find many buildings resembling the stone igloos from the 6th century monastery. These islands are also famous seals, dolphins, sharks that live in the water.

7. Newgrange (Si an Bhru)

Newgrange was built somewhere around 3200 BC which not only makes it older than Stonehenge but also older than the seven wonders in the ancient world. Newgrange had a multipurpose usage which included burial, storage and religious ceremonies.

The most significant use in olden days was that this sight was built and designed in such a manner that on the day when winter solstice arrives, the sun would shine on a small gap above the entrance, which in turn would reflect a number of quartzite passage illuminating the whole chamber. This interprets that the days are getting longer and new harvest year has arrived.

6. Guinnes Storehouse (storas Guinness)

Most people recognize Guinness as a record book. But Guinness is a famous Irish drink as well as record book both famous all over the world. Here is a small narrative of the story, this was made 253 years back in 1759 making it very old, Guinness Corporation celebrate every year “Arthur’s day” in the memory of Arthur Guinness. Hence it is a tradition to lift glasses at 17:59 on 23rd September as a toast “To Arthur”. The storehouse was leased by Arthur Guinness at a moderate fee of £45 for 9000 years. The storehouse itself is a great place for visits.

5. Gaints Causeway

Giants causeway is located in northern Ireland which is considered a separate country and as a part of UK, howsoever it is still a part of Ireland and its folklore. This was an astonishing area created due to volcanic eruptions, the shaped formed is due to cooling of lava instantly which leaves 40000 hexagonal columns. This area has been named after a legendary warrior named Fionn MacCumhaill who designed such an area so that giants can step over on Scotland without wetting their feet.

4. Book of Kells

Book of kells was written in the year 800 and is a Latin manuscript which contains gospels of fresh testaments also a large amount of artwork. Like other works from those times even this book has been written on calf skin (vellum). Most significant feature is that occupying a large space on the top left of every page is the first word also the biggest. Once in earlier days it so happened that a monk who was drafting the first letter (which took days) after finishing it realized that he had made a mistake.

Book of kells is housed in Ireland oldest and renowned university, Trinity College: obviously held with a lot of protection. They turn one leaf per day so for reading through all the pages you have to wait one year.

3. Connemara (Conamara)

This is an area on the Atlantic coast, because of marble it is a world famous location. Also it is the most preferred places in Ireland for hiking or water sports. There are enough rivers and lakes for fishing, kayaking etc, also it’s the most beautiful landscape in the country.

2. Oxegen

This is an annual music festival of Ireland which happens every summer. Although every country celebrates their music festival but ever since 2004 Oxegen is now counted as one of the best music festivals. Celebrities participating include Eminem, Beyonce, David Guetta, Muse and many others.

1. Cliffs of Moher

These cliffs are protected Geo park and counted as one of seven wonders in Ireland. Cliffs of Moher are boasted Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince. It’s not only popular because of their height but also extreme weather changes brought by the Atlantic. Only after experiencing its scenic beauty can you understand why it is such a sorted after tourist place and also the best place for surfing.

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