Top 10 Reasons Why Astrologers Are Fake

Reasons Why Astrologers Are Fake

The astrological science comprises of a number of belief systems which establish a relationship between astronomical phenomenon and events in the human world. It is a well-reknown science, and astrologers are revered with a great respect all over the globe. Or maybe not.

Astrologers often resort to malpractices particular to their trade and profession. They exploit their customers in the name of ‘making their future’, and extort humungous amounts of money from them. According to them, they are god and nothing can change a person’s future stars if they can’t.

Even if astrology as a science is legitimate at large, the way astrologers use it to their advantage surely makes us ponder upon its merits.

Reasons Why Astrologers Are Fake

Here are the top 10 reasons why astrologers are fake

10. Humans are sceptical in nature

As rightly said by a not-so-famous personality, “to doubt someone is very typical of a human.” Humans are known in the universe for their scepticism in every action they take. They may not know this innate ability built in them, but it is very well inculcated right since childhood when they doubt everything their mom feeds them, trusting only the milk they know. This suspicious nature makes them uncertain about a lot of things, thereby causing them to run to and fro to various pundits, fakirs and astrologers to know what the future holds for them. The astrologers, obviously use this personality trait to their advantage, making the poor homo sapiens run hither-dither catering to their demands.

9. Zodiacs were established around 2,000 years back

According to some orthodox astrologers, the science of Astrology was established around 2,000 years from present. This apparently makes it, the most reliable means of gaining access to your future. However, has anyone ever wondered exactly how relevant a 2,000-year-old science/art would be in today’s day? We talk of technological advancement, of globalisation, of making the world a global village, of battling climate change, but never have we once considered actually questioning astrologers about their abilities to look into the future

8. Future is uncertain

As already elaborated, humans are sceptical in nature. To top this, the past is history and the future is a mystery. So, as we progress into the unknown realms of our future, it gives our insecure egos a false sense of security by knowing teeny tiny facts about the former. But a wise man once said, “No knowledge is bad. But a little knowledge is dangerous.” So these so-called glimpses will actually do you more harm than good. They might tend to cause over-anxiety, blood pressure or even depression in worst scenarios. For instance, in the popular Bollywood movie, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Abhishek Bacchan was informed that if he married a particular girl of a particular astrological sign, his death was inevitable within 2 years of the marriage. Despite the “fault in their stars”, they married without any casualties or deaths involved. What say, astrologers?

7. Statistical coincidence

Some of the people in favour of astrology might argue that the facts put forward by astrologers or the predictions did actually turn out to be true. The fact is further true for the lottery you won 14 weeks back, when you bought 14 tickets on the 14th of December. The fact is also true for an insurance agent who insured you for theft, and got a huge fat commission for it. Why only limit yourself to astrologers? Probability is (probably) one of the major factors most astrologers and numerologists cash in on. They advise you on the day of a trip to stay away from the silver metal, using the number game. You happen to be wearing a silver nose pin, which you forget to take out at the airport check-in, with the consequence of the metal detector beeping. Astrological science behind this? Sheer coincidence, I’d say.

6. Money matters

We have two kinds of people in this world. One, who make money in the right way; second, who make money the wrong way. Astrologers, belong to the second category. They find a reason to extort money for any and every small little prediction they make. Why not, I ask? Astrology is an ancient science, after all. It takes thousands of years of research and a few more thousand to actually predict that one should not cross paths with a black-fur-green-eyed cat. Charging a professional fee of massive amounts for the same is definitely justified.

5. Myths and Taboos – going under the ladder

A reasonable fraction of the so-called astrological predictions made are usually based on popular myths and superstitions. The astrologers use household taboos to base their predictions. For instance, the age-old myth of avoiding to walk from under a ladder. This is pretty much baseless as far as it goes. But the astrologer knows how to use it to his advantage. The result? Avoiding all ladder infested areas such as construction sites for the next few years, or maybe even decades. Who would want to take such a big risk, right?

4. Guess-based assumption

Astrologers often make small observations of the world around them. This skill is then skilfully used to exploit strengths and weakness of the anxious humans. For instance, let us say you invite an astrologer to your home to read your daughter’s horoscope to know about her future, her career, her marriage, when she will have her first child, etc. The astrologer arrives, and takes his or her seat. He or she observes that you are very dictatorial, controlling every single activity that is happening in the room. The prediction? Your daughter will get married only to the husband you will choose for her. This obviously satisfies your dictatorial ego, and the astrologer cashes in his commission. As simple as 1-2-3.

3. Planetary motions and influence of the stars

Astrology is often confused with astronomy. Astronomy is simply the study of planets. Whereas astrology, is broader than that. Astrology determines the exact positioning of the planets and stars at the time of your birth to chart a course for your future. How exactly this works, nobody knows. How can a newborn baby’s entire course of life be determined by the position of the stars around him? A major or even more important factor in determining his future could be his decisions, or the way he is brought up. All people want to know is if the stars are favourable to his success, and that information is provided to them by astrology

2. The blame game

We, as humans, or members of the bureaucracy, look for things or factors to put the blame on more than often. Astrology is another medium to vent out precisely that frustration. Your grand-daughter isn’t having kids for the past one year? Jupiter is in her natal chart, and is hampering with her fertility. Your business isn’t flourishing like it earlier used to? Add an extra “a” to the name and it will prosper. Sadly enough, astrologers do turn out to actually be correct in quite a number of cases. But that still does not mean you blindly trust them, instead of your own instincts.

1. General predictions

The biggest reason to prove why astrologers are fake, is that the horoscopes and predictions they put forward are generally, well, general in nature. If you take the newspaper one day, and read the horoscope of your zodiac sign, and, say, your mother’s, you will find that they both may more or less hold true for you in a day’s happenings. This is because the horoscopes are very slyly written in such a way that some or the other thing mentioned in them happens to be true for you, which would ultimately cause you to believe horoscopes to be true in general.

All these points ultimately prove that astrologers are fake, never to be trusted and totally unreliable. Even if astrological sciences do prove to be logical, beware of fake, money-minded astrologers particularly the ones with long beards, beaded chains and crystal balls.

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