importance of girl child

Top 10 Reasons Why Girl Child Is Important

The birth of a baby brings laughter, happiness, and bliss to the family. People welcome their children by celebrating, organizing parties, and distributing sweets and gifts to close ones. But due to a lack of social awareness, still, in some sections of the world, people celebrate only when they are gifted with a baby boy. Such people consider a male child as a superior one, because according to them, he is the one who will earn money, extends their family, etc. But, such people forget the fact that both women and men are accountable for the continuation of the intact human race. Now the scenario has changed, girls are ready to compete with the boys in each and every field. Presently, girls are in every profession, be it engineering, medicine, politics, law, teaching, etc. She is the one who is conceiving the roots of civilization and shaping a better tomorrow.


Importance of girl child

Here we are presenting the ten most important reasons to accentuate the importance of a girl child.

10. She is a Great Mentor

She is a very good counselor. Recall the time your mother and sister helped/guided you in solving any issue, then you will understand how well a woman can guide you and solve your problems. She is the one responsible for providing moral values to her child, brother. A girl is undeniably an excellent mentor.

9. Social Developer

Over and over again people depict women as domestic workers, according to such people women are meant for handling household chores only. But they should keep in mind that, if we would try to edify the women then the scenario can be changed. An educated girl/woman can change the future of herself and her family.

8. She is the Reputation of the Family

Generally, people consider their male child as their reputation, but their girl child is the one who is always concerned about her family’s reputation. She always thinks about the name of her father before taking any step, whereas a boy child does not. Almost all the time it happens that the boy child disappoints his parents often, but the girl child never does because she knows the importance of her father’s reputation.

7. She is the Number One

Regardless of the criticism, and the way she is ridiculed, and taunted she has verified herself in each and every situation. Whenever provided any chance she proved to be excellent in every field. A girl is capable of managing her house perfectly along with her job tasks. Whereas the man only manages the academic work. At the present time, a woman has left behind men in every discipline.

6. She is a Helping Hand for Economic Growth

It is a wrong notion of society that only males can earn bread for the family. The time has changed, now women are ready to cross all the hurdles in their path to success, and they are ready to compete with men in every field. She is capable enough to earn money and manage her home along with her profession.

5. Everlastingly Yours

The famous author Emily Giffin states that ‘A son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life’. Generally, people consider that their son will stay with them forever and will always support them, but this doesn’t happen with everyone. In the end, the daughter even after getting married takes care of her parents along with the in-laws. She never forgets her parent’s home, she is always attached to them forever.

4. She Completes the Family

Many people consider that a male child is important for the completion of the family, but the fact is the girl child is also equally important. The girl child is likewise important for the family. She is the one who teaches her siblings to respect women. She keeps her family united in a single thread. The girl child not only manages her parent’s home, but also her in-laws.

3. Balances the Sex Ratio

Everyone in society wishes for a perfect daughter-in-law, and wife. But, these people forget that she is someone’s daughter. At present deteriorating sex ratio is a great matter of concern. According to the most up-to-date Census, the sex ratio in India is 940 females per 1000 males. Also, the girl-child sex ratio is 944 female children per 1000 male children. So as to balance the sex ratio, we should promote the birth of a Girl’s child.

2. Plays Diverse Roles with Excellence

She is not merely a girl. She has played various parts since the time she is born. The day she takes birth into a family she is someone’s daughter, granddaughter, niece, and someone’s sister. As they grow, their responsibility increases proportionally. A girl always supports her father emotionally and fills his heart with love and affection. She always teaches her brother good moral values. When married, she sacrifices her goals for her in-laws.

1. Girls Mark Out the Human Existence

Every one of us is aware of the fact that our birth is the outcome of our mother’s devotion to the way she kept us in her womb for a period of nine months. After our birth also, she affectionately dedicated her time to our upbringing. This is how she is sacrificing her dreams for her children and then also some people are against the birth of girl children in their family. Girls define the solitary survival of humans.

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