Top 10 Reasons Why Watching TV is Waste of Time

Watching TV is Waste of Time

TV today is not just meant for entertainment. It has started taking over our lives. I know some people whose day begins with TV and ends with TV. They wake up with TV, eat with TV, sleep with TV. Definitely, that is going to affect their lives. TV or no TV is the question. Let’s find how this idiot box is making us dumber.

Reasons Why Watching TV is a Waste of Time

10. TV Makes you LAZY

What do you do exactly? Switch on the TV and sit or lie on the couch for 1,3,4 or more hours. You don’t even get up to fetch a remote or a glass of water for yourself even when you are thirsty. Is this not termed as laziness?

You just sit there like a couch potato and watch some stupid shows all day or night long.

9. Takes you away from real life

The characters on television are not real. They are thought up in an office building and given life on a piece of paper. In contrast, you are surrounded every day by real people living real lives. These real people are facing real problems. They need you. And you need them. Go out and be human. Wall-E is never going to come to you. You need not know how to deal with dragons or dinosaurs. You show know that we humans are social and TV is only trying to disconnect us from our social life.

8. Makes you FAT

That’s right!

Since your body is just sitting there and not being mobile, you gain some serious WEIGHT! Plus, what do most people do when they’re watching TV? try to munch on some snacks ? And most of the time, they’re eating some junk food or drinking some beers. That’s an extremely fast formula for GAINING WEIGHT, as opposed to LOSING weight. No, no couch potato works out enough to burn all those calories. So stop intaking those calories and save yourself from the fats.

7. Programming Yourself with Negativity

I mean think about it…how many people just get up and the FIRST thing they do in the morning is put on ‘XYZ news’ to watch the stupid NEWS?

There’s nothing but NEGATIVE stuff on the news 99% of the time. You start your day with negativity. Plus during the day, you make the room dark so that your screen is well illuminated. the darkness brings in more negativity for your mind.

You become more negative in your household…

You become more negative at work…

You become more negative everywhere…


Because the more negative crap you put into your brain, the more negative you’re going to become.And then what happens when they get back from work?They put on the news AGAIN and watch the 2 o’clock ABC news!


6. It’s hurting your eyes

Constant staring at that illuminated screen, is going to strain your eyes. You may suffer from dry eyes or possibly squint your eyes and in most of the cases increase the power of the glasses that you put on. If you feel insomniac due to excessive watching of TV, its gonna cause you dark circles under your eyes. you better know how long it takes to get rid of dark circles.

5. Doesn’t Make You A DIME!

How much money do you make by watching TV? You spent a few hundred dollars for buying the best HDTV. What next, how does your TV payback for your investments. How much do you learn on TV that will help you make more money in your life?

I could understand if you wanna use the internet to make money but what can a TV do for you that will help you make more money. well, you won’t even get back the amount you invested.

4. Makes You Poor

TV governs the way you spend your money. you soon start liking the lifestyle of the people in your favorite show. You want to dress up like them, eat like them, shop like them. Dude, that’s not real. why don’t you get the point?

Watching TV can make you POOR! Because you’re NOT learning anything that can help you get ahead financially.

You’re not using your brain cells effectively to make progress in your life.

Most of the stuff on TV or either negative or a complete waste of time. The corporates made a 3 minute long – trillion-dollar ad, just making sure that you are influenced and you make them richer.

3. Feeling of inadequacy

Life is never going to be like a TV show. The one in the TV is only Reel Life … what we live is Real life …know the difference! People tend to get lost in the illusion, without understanding the realities. TV does not give them enough time to think. Our lives can feel quite empty when compared to the perfection of the TV world.

2. Makes you foolish

It is robbing you of precious mental energy. When your television is on, your concentration is held hostage. Your mental energy is drawn into the screen and your ability to control it is given up. Your brain cells become passive. making you feel stupid day by day!

1. It impairs your capacity for rational thought

TV oversimplifies reality. It presents subjects in a matter of minutes and everything is nicely wrapped up at the end. This harms clear thinking by conditioning you to expect that most problems have a simple, clear solution that can be implemented in 60 minutes or less. It hides the facts and gives you the least time to think. Proving the viewers to be foolish in the end what so ever! Thanks to the incredible psychological hooks that television uses, it’s very hard to stop watching it.

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