Women are Better than Men

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

I will try not to sound harsh about it considering I’m a woman myself that too, one who has spent the last two years of her life in a supremely feministic college which focuses nearly all it’s attention on the atrocities that women have faced in our country and otherwise and has produced some of the most powerful, socially active and successful in our country. They’ve always inspired me, just as some men have who’ve really carved a place for themselves in whatever field they’ve chosen to step in. But as much as I’ve found the best of friends in men, I cannot deny that there are million reasons as to why I feel women are better than men. Better I wouldn’t say in terms of one thing, because guys too have an upper hand in a lot of respects, but as individuals I’ve come across more sorted women than men in my life overall.

Here’s a list of reasons that make me believe women are better than men.


10. Maturity level

From the very beginning women are on a higher maturity level than men are, at least for most of my life this is what I’ve experienced. They will try to balance everything out and find sensible solutions to problem and approach things in life generally in a more systematic and sorted manner. They don’t like to make a mess out of their lives and usually end up sorting other’s lives too.

9. Better dressing sense

As much as I envy the fact that guys can roam about in just about anything, I also love the fact that we have so much to wear and women can pull off even the craziest and funkiest of attires without attracting unwanted attention. Guys are mostly just out of the bed ready, while women like to look neat at least if not out of the world which overall makes them look more appealing.

8. Higher EQ

Okay, most guys are a big zero on the emotional quotient really. It’s not that they cannot understand other people’s feelings they just choose indifference because they’re too lazy to put any effort into this. They call it unnecessary drama while women actually acknowledge people’s feelings and make it a point to help their friends and family gain emotional stability.

7. Homemakers

No man can do what a woman does for her household. She manages everything from top to bottom. I admit working is hard too, job has it’s pressures but then managing your family is a bigger task. You practically have no incentive to look after everything and yet you do because you’re good at it and you know your man can’t handle it anyway.

6. Raising children

Most women are born mothers, and if not, after having a baby I think they change as a whole. The child has been a part of her for 9 months, even physically so there’s no way a man can raise a child better than a woman or give her a mother’s love. It’s just a different thing altogether.

5. Best of both worlds

Only a woman can work a job and run a household with the kind of perfection she does. She’ll be a go getter at work and the most well managed and organised person back home. She’ll make your bed and meet targets at work simultaneously so effortlessly you’ll be mesmerized.

4. More hardworking

Let’s just admit it, guys are lazy. They don’t like to move an inch from their beds if given a choice and don’t like work. Maybe women think too much but men don’t think at all because it’s like work to them, even exercising their brains. Women are any day more hardworking than men in general. Of course, exceptions exist.

3. Women are better listeners

9 out of 10 times, you’ll head to your female friend or a female family member when in trouble or upset. They’re likely to make you feel better in no time by helping you vent out all that negative energy that’s eating you up. Men on the other hand like to distract you and keep your mind off such things because they know they’re no good at the comfort talk. Women are far better listeners than men are anyday.

2. We organise better

We’re neat and clean in general. Maybe a little messy here and there but most women are more organised than men are. They know how to keep things in place, and are less likely to misplace important documents or things and keep running around crying when they need them. Also they make better managers in companies because they’re good with people in general.

1. We’re charming

I’ve waited about 20 years of my life for a guy to sweep me off my feet and that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s so easy for a woman to make a guy fall for her on the other hand. It takes nearly nothing. Women are charming and know how to get things done. They work their way out of problems more easily and generally convince men better. It’s not without reason that we win arguments, we just talk more sense.

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