Top 10 Reasons Why Women Dislike Men

Women Dislike Men

Apart from the fact that man is woman’s counterpart, there are certain things which make women hate men. The six pack abs or the cute look can not make the girl love you till you have the general features which are disliked by women in all men. There is no single guy who does not have the below listed problems.

While the list of things women dislike in men is unending and ranges from small to big things, here is a list of things that come at the top:

1. They stink

The last thing a woman wants to encounter while talking to a guy is a bad smell. That is just so gross. There is no way one can not take out time to bath or apply a deodorant, but men manage to do that too. It is the biggest turn off. People say first impression is the last impression, and if you go to meet a girl while you stink like a skunk, she’s definitely gonna hate you.

2. Dominant Nature

There’s a difference between being protective and being dominant, but men fail to understand that. Worrying and being protective about girlfriend is normal but trying to control each and every thing she does is unacceptable. Where to go, what to eat, who to talk to, waht to wear – no one gets to decide all this except the girl herself.

3. Checking out other women

It is a worldwide problem with men that in spite of the fact that they are out with a women they can not stop checking out other women. Whenever they are out with a girl in a restaurant or party or some public place, they just can’t stop looking at other girls. This surely irritates the hell out out of the girl. Who would like to be ignored that way?

4. Men don’t pay attention

Even if the woman is able to ignore all the other flaws, this is the ground breaker. Imagine a situation when you are talking to your husband or boyfriend about something and you realize he wasn’t listening. And to top it all they act as if they don’t know what went wrong in the whole conversation and why is the girl angry. Even if you mention something that needs to be done, it will never be done because they weren’t listening.

5. They act foolishly

They do embarrassing things in public or infront of friends and family. Most of the times the lady has to apologize for the inconvenience caused. The fact that they fail to act in a mature and civilized way at certain situations creates a big problem and is one of the top reasons why women dislike men.

6. Not being able to fulfil expectations

Ladies have many desires or expectations from men which they won’t talk about. They expect them to understand and do those things without being reminded. Things like complementing when she’s ready, helping her in stuff and many other things come under the list.

7. Confused

Many times they are so confused about what decision to take even about really small things which depicts their inability to handle the situation properly. A man who can not handle things properly is never adored by a woman.

8. They fail to understand

In matters of the heart, mostly men fail to understand which is again a flaw. There are many problems which need to be solved by taking in account what the heart says instead of the brain, but men are not able to understand this. They also aren’t able to figure out when the girl is unhappy or something is bothering her.

9. They do things they are told not to do

Even after explaining them that it is harmful for them or they should not do something, they still end up doing that thing and end up in a problem. They just turn a deaf ear to whatever the girl says to them for their own benefit.

10. They are men

The last thing which women hate as much as they love is that men are men. They create disasters and fail to do many things properly. They were born imperfect and they will be imperfect. No matter how hard you try, there’s nothing you can do about the way they are.

At the end of the day, no mater how stupid they are or whatever reason the girl dislikes them for, they manage to get back to them and sought everything out. They noticeable thing is that they sought out matters with the help of things which are disliked by women.

If you get to be with a guy who has half of these faults, you are too lucky to have him. Do not let that guy leave you. Such miraculous pieces in the male population are rarely found. So, keep hold of them.

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