Top 10 Reasons You Should Believe In Ghosts


There are certain unnatural or abnormal phenomenons that happen with people , which they can not express or explain in words. It gives people a spooky feeling. Many of us refuse to accept that something ghostly or spooky happened. Once belief is a personal choice , but there’s no harm in having a look at certain reasons why you should actually believe in ghosts

Someone just told you a ghost story or you felt something. It’s something that you have not seen or experienced before. Want to know more about it or what it was. This can give you an idea about such stuff.

Take a look at the following reasons and decide if you still believe in ghosts or not :

10. Photographs

The most obvious and concrete proof comes from pictures clicked by people that show the presence of a character which wasn’t there at the time when picture was clicked. There are many such pictures clicked till date , most of which were clicked at a haunted place or graveyard. You can not regard each one of those pictures as fake till you test there originality. For the time being , let’s believe those pictures are real.

9. Religious texts

Religious texts indirectly refer to wandering souls and other things which aren’t actually alive. They talk about how the soul leaves the body after that. If you are a religious person , you might want to believe in what those books say. Many religions have certain methods to get rid of ghosts too.

8. What eyes see

Sometimes out of the blue we observe some human like thing , but then you realize it was nothing. You presume or wish to think that it was just something made up by your mind. But then someone else saw it too. Did two brains have the same kind of hallucination at the same time ? I doubt that. If a person can not even trust his senses that what is left ?

7. Videos and audios

There are certain investigators who visit such places which have high paranormal activity and collect evidences for the presence of ghosts. Those proofs include voices of people when there was no one in the room. Sometimes the video camera is able to capture certain movement of a character which resembles a human being. What would you like to call that ?

6. Magnetic and electronic fluctuations

There are certain devices designed to test the fluctuations in magnetic and electric fields at a certain place which are said to correspond to the presence of ghostly characters. The place with high fluctuations is said to have the presence of some ghostly character.

5. Instincts

It is said that instincts never lie. Maybe you feel like someone is staring you when there is absolutely no one in the room or you hear a voice from behind. It does not always have to be like ” Oh ! the curtain is moving , it’s a ghost ”. But , yeah there are certain instances where your instincts will tell you there is something .

4. Eye witness

There are certain instances when you get to hear about instances where people have actually gone through situations involving ghosts. A person who believes in seeing before believing in something is talking about such stuff , could actually mean there is something.

3. Persistence

They have persisted in sightings and in stories. Not to forget classic tales and certain documents. The idea has been prevalent from centuries and I suppose there are centuries to come before it is explained. The prevalence of something has some core to it , so maybe there is something about their existence too.

2. Things scientists can’t explain

The different opinions of different scientists on the same matter suggests that nobody actually knows what is happening. They are just trying to explain it through some imaginary explanations from their imagination. If you can believe in their imagination , then why not this ? Plus there are some scientists that are looking for the presence of ghosts , showing us that there is a divide among the scientific society about the matter too. There is some evidence that Albert Einstein ( one of the renowned scientists ) gave a hint bout the existence of such characters.

1. Belief

It’s impossible to make a person believe in something or the other way shatter someone’s belief. If one starts to believe in such things , it is said that they can see such things. It all depends upon the person and his beliefs. If you believe in something , everything is possible.

No one is actually forced to believe in something , they just do. Maybe ghosts do exist or they don’t , but in the mean while we have some proof for their existence. While there is no concrete proof for their non existence provided by scientists. To be or not to be scared by them is not the point , but the exist or not is.

Decide for yourself what you wish to believe in.

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