Top 10 Road Trip Games

Road Trip Games

During any road trip, we get plenty of hours till our destination. And this road journey is also an integral part of whole trip from starting point to the last stop. The road trip games are the perfect way to keep ourselves entertained during this trip and keep boredom away.

Road Trip Games

So, here we present you top 10 road trip games which will make your trip an awesome and memorable one.

10. Rock, Paper, Scissor

It is a cult classic game which never gets old. Be it a child or an adult, everyone is fond of this easy and cute game. To play this, everyone makes a fist and says ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor’ swinging fist up and down on each beat. After the last beat, each person makes any of the three gestures: closed fist for rock; open hand for paper, V shape for scissors. And as we know, scissor can cut paper but is damaged by stone. So, it scores over paper but loses to stone and vice-versa. And paper scores over stone as it can be wrapped over the stone. Based on these rules, a winner is decided.

9. Spelling Bee

If there is any game which makes parents happier than the children, then that has to be Spelling Bee. Parents see this game not only as a source of entertainment but also an enriching source of knowledge and learning for their children. Every person takes turn spelling the word given. If spelt correctly, one remains in the game otherwise gets eliminated. But while allotting the word, make sure the given words are age appropriate.

8. Team Storytelling

More the number of people involved in this game, better the result. It also gets the creative juices out of your brains. In this game, one person starts by creating the first line of the story. You can start with any line you wish. Now the next person has to add the next line for the story. And this goes on for other members as well and depending on your stamina; it can go for a few hours as well. Moreover, to make the game more interesting, various rules can be added e.g. only rhyming lines can be added, asking randomly to add the next line and so on.

7. I Spy

In this game, you will choose any object around yourself and give other person a clue for that object saying “I Spy with my little eye, {something related to the object}…” Then you give some clues like color, first letter etc. and the other has to find out the correct answer. But be aware that you choose an object which is in your vicinity for long time or its better to choose something that is inside the vehicle or mode of transportation. The person who guesses the correct answer gets to spy the next object.

6. Two Truths and One Lie

This game is a very good source to find out who knows who better. In this, a person says three sentences/facts about himself/herself out of which only two are true and one is a lie. So, the challenge is to find out which fact is false and that too in the first try only. But the facts should be such that they can be verified. You cannot use vague facts e.g. I am getting bored etc.

5. Name That Tune

It is based on the format of a very famous TV show, where a short clip of tune/music is played and the other person has to identify the song. So, on the road trip, music player in the mobile phones or radios can be used for the source of tunes. And if not feasible, then humming or whistling can be used as an alternative for this. And the person who recognizes the tune gets to be the singer for the next tune.

4. The Knowledge Game

This game is a wholesome entertainment for a perfect road trip. You just have to choose any topic e.g. Fruits, Actors, Cities etc. After choosing a particular topic, first participant has to name any object related to that chosen topic e.g. for fruits, one can name ‘banana’. Then next person has to name any fruit’s name starting with the last letter of the previously spoken word. For example, if first person says ‘Banana’, then next has to think of a fruit starting with letter ‘A’. And in this way it goes on and whosoever runs out of name first loses the game.

3. Who Am I?

This game is not only a trip game but a very good option to find out what you all have in common. In this you have to take any common topic – e.g. actors, cities, family members, Historic Places etc. Then ask the questions related to that particular topic which can be answered only in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Then depending on the answers, you try to figure out the correct answer. Assume you think of Eiffel Tower, then questions asked can be – ‘Is it in Europe?’, ‘It is made of bricks and stones?’ Etc. and so on. Questions can be asked regarding colour, structure, physical characteristics.

2. Dumb Charades

This is a game which can keep people of all ages entertained anytime and at any place. Be it any social gathering, any family function or picnic, this game has always been the first choice for entertainment. It is a word guessing game in which one player acts out the given word or phrase by physical language (miming or using gestures) instead of verbal language. Most commonly, movies and daily usage objects are used to play this game.

1. The Game Of Ending Letter/Antakshri

Any trip will be incomplete without this game. For the years, this game has been a source of complete entertainment and spending leisure time with friends and family. This can be thought as of the trend setter in the road trip games. The best part is it involves people of every age group – from child to the elders. In this game, one starts with the song of his/her choice, then the next person in the chain has to sing the song starting with the last consonant. And this chain goes on. So, whosoever in the chain is unable to sing the song is eliminated and it passes on to the next person in the chain.

These are the best Road Trip Games to play in the car.

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