Surviving College

Top 10 Rules For Surviving College

You think college life is the same as school life? NO. There is a big difference in the way things go on in college as compared to school. Certainly you need to keep in mind some rules so that you don’t create a mess in your college life. These rules may sound easy but are hard to follow upon. It’s important to create a balance between stuff and keep everyone happy.

Here’s a list of rules you must follow to survive in college :


10. Plan Major Events

There is a lot to manage , but one usually is not able to prioritize and and plan things in advance. Do not make this mistake , it can be fatal. There are gonna be assignments , practicals , birthdays , reunions and many more things coming over but if you do not plan things in advance , everything will be haywire. I’m not asking you to make a hourly time table of the day , being a teenager it’s impossible but finish things in advance accordingly so that you don’t miss out anything.

9. Do Not Cling Just To A Certain Set Of People , Make Connections

In the freshmen year , the more number of connections you make the better is is. Devote the first week observing and recognizing people , and then start interacting in a friendly manner. You need friends to survive in college. Do not just cling to a certain group of people , it is always better to interact as everyone can be of some use some day.

8. Get Involved

Freshmen year is the time to explore your talents. Remember not to boast about what society you are gonna join till you get into it and also after that. It will boost up your fan following but showing off unnecessarily can create a problem. Getting into society will help you widen your reach and also in your survival in college.

7. Manage Your Expenses

You are given a fixed monthly allowance from your parents , you better keep your expenses in check or you’ll be bankrupt soon. The month is spent trying to figure out how to manage expenses but if money problems continue till late , you are in a big mess. Your survival without money is impossible , so keep it under check. Make a rough draft of expenses. Do not carry your ATM card everywhere instead keep cash , it will save your money.

6. Keep A Check On Your Health

Your mother is not there to force feed you healthy stuff , that doesn’t mean you can keep stuffing your stomach with junk food. No one is gonna monitor your diet , so it’s better if you keep check on it yourself. If you keep eating junk your energy level will reduce. Surely no one would like to be friends with a lethargic and unlively teenager.

5. Keeping Attendance Under Check

It’s okay to bunk classes , but if you miss out on too many lectures and lag behind in your attendance , you will surely end up in a problem. Don’t waste your year by making a petty mistake of not having the minimum required attendance.

4. Do Not Take Studies Too Lightly

College is not all about socializing and enjoying , there’s a part called ” studies” that needs to be managed too. If you have no notes and sit to study a day before exams , you will surely fling in the exam. Mostly your friends are not gonna force you to study , so it’s better if you do that by yourself. Do not trust anyone for notes.

3. Bitching

This point is not just for the girls. When you say bad things about a person to someone keep in mind who you are telling it to or you might land up in a problem. It’s always recommended to keep bitching under control but even if you do it remember that the person should be a trusted one.

2. Learn

It may sound simple and not a thing to be mentioned as survival tactic but it is really important. Always learn from the mistakes you make in college or hostel and try not to repeat them or people will develop grudges against you. If you did something that offended the other person , try and not do it again.

1. Draw A Line

You may get into bad company but it’s better if you realize it soon and get hold on yourself. If you don’t find a person good , maintain some distance and introspect on the kind of friends you have. In the first week of college.

With time you will learn to make your own rules , so that you rule your college life. Every place has it’s own set of pre – defined unmentioned rules , figure them out and them to this list. This will give you a personalized list you can keep in mind to have a memorable college life.

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