Top 10 Secrets of Healthy Life Stay Healthy, Live Longer

Healthy Life

Good health is a sign of happy longer and blessed life. What is it like to be in the center of everything, all the buzz and working all the day for a good earning or a better lifestyle? Here’s a time to put a full stop on all monotonous to and fro from home to work and work office. Why? Because we have one life to live and to live it to fullest there’s a lot to be done apart from grossing money for higher standards of life. Know about some additions and subtractions in your life which will be enough for happy and healthy lifestyle.

Here are top 10 secrets that could bring a new personality out you. All you need is to be regular and determined because you cannot take work from your body all the time. From now get your bulk some aid.

10. Water, Lots of water

We know, we read it in our science classes that human body is made up of 70% of water. So what? Still water is all you need for freshen up your body as well as your brain. Surge your water intake to reduce toxins from your body. First thing after wake up in morning should be a full glass of water, warm if possible. After that, for the rest of the day try to take at least 10 to 15 glasses of water and if you are working or spend your day out keep a bottle of water with you. This is not only a ‘stay healthy tip’ but this is also useful for reducing weight and gets a glow on your face.

9. Start your day wisely

Most of us, almost all of us have routine which involves early morning starts. Waking up with previous day’s hectic thoughts and newer days worries is a bad, worst idea. It all starts with how you wake up in morning. The most common thing that almost all of us preferably do is checking our mails, messages or calls or our laptops our cell phones. Well, all this could wait for rest of the day. But morning time is a freshen up time, go wash your eyes with cold water, splash your face in freshness of water and go out, on terrace preferably stare at some distant things. This is all you could do for two beautiful eyes.

8. Morning yoga

Go and search for good greenery area near your place. Yoga done in the freshness of early morning is heaven for a tired body. Breathing in and out for half our out of your busy schedule could do wonders.

7. Stretching

Stretching could be done anywhere and anytime to get a relaxed physique. Gym is not just a place for stretch work. On your office chair stretch your hands up, stretch them in front, rotate, stretch your legs, stand and walk around and all that for good circulation of blood.

6. The lemon magic

Are you really fed up of your stinky body odor after working for long hours? Here we have a solution. When you are done bathing squeeze a lemon in some water and pour that on your body. Freshness is what we seek after hectic working hours. Vitamin C in this fruit helps your body to fight against odor causing bacteria to make you feel fresh all day. That is truly effective.

5. Breakfast

On whatever diet plan you are, make it a golden rule to never skip breakfast. Skip other meals, but not breakfast. A full tummy will keep temper low and happiness high.

4. Walking

Walk as much as can is the key to not only a healthy life but also to longer life. If not early in morning, walks evening is beneficial too. Add this to your routine and subtracts half of the troubles of your body. Jogging is good too, but there is nothing like brisk walk. Let your heart beat faster, let sweat come out and feel happy. And if you have a pet, go out with him; this will make happy too to spend time with your pet.

3. Almonds and Walnuts

To eat healthy is the best way to live healthy and longer too. Almonds and walnuts are energy powerhouse. This will give you to stand against exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness. Also, you will not feel hungry for more time and will this help you to avoid unhealthy food at work.

2. Say no to fried and sugar

Fried food and sweets are killing lifestyles, they will make you gain wait and have no health benefits. Calories are all they will give to you. Avoid as much of these unhealthy and easily available things. If hungry at work then grab a fruit instead of packet of lays.

1. Green tea

Are you a tea addict? Everyone knows the tea that most of people take twice a day is of no benefit to their health. Here’s a solution to that too. Switch your regular tea packets to a green tea packet. Green tea is an energy house too. It refreshes in an extraordinary way.

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