Top 10 Simple Ways to Treat Cold and Cough

Ways to Treat Cold and Cough

Cold and Cough are the common infectious diseases occurring in the upper respiratory part which affects the nose. Cold has scientific names like “Nasopharynghitis” or “Rhinopharynghitis” or simply called as cold. Now, you ask, how to treat cold and cough? … Let’s Known.

Ways to Treat Cold and Cough

This article lists of simple remedies to cure a cold and cough.

10. Camphor or any Vapor rub

Take two to three pieces of camphor and a spoon of coconut oil in a small vessel and just put it on the flame for just 2-3 minutes till the camphor gets melted. When this substance is warm apply it on the forehead, neck and back, if possible massage it for a while and cover your body with blanket. This keeps you warm and the smell of camphor helps you to reduce blocked nose and cold. Keep yourself warm and don’t sit under fan or Air conditioner until and unless your relived from cold. Allow yourself to sweat more because sweating during cold or fever can cure cold or fever soon and controls body temperature. Take rest for a few days until your relieved from cold or fever. If you are taking the risk of doing any physical exercises when you are suffering with cold or fewer can worsen your health condition more. So try to keep away the office works or any other work for a few days and just concentrate on your health. Avoid taking chilled foods and take fresh and warm foods which is prepared freshly. When you are suffering with cold or fewer try to take the foods in the form of fluids like juice, etc…

9. Breath Steam

Breathing steam is very easy and comfortable technique to cure cold or sore throat. Just boil the water highly in a vessel and add ginger or anything like zandu balm or amurtanjan to the boiled water. And cover yourself inside the blanket with the hot water bowl inside the blanket and start breathing the steam as quickly as possible. Do this process two to three times a day and the cold or cough will reduce soon and you will get relief.

8. Lime, Honey and Warm Water

Add a few drops of lime juice into the warm water and take a spoon of honey and stir well. Take this juice when its warm and this helps in controlling cold and cough. If taken in large quantity can cause more cold or cough in some situations. So per day, one glass of lime with warm water and honey is better.

7. Spicy Tea

When your preparing tea add tulsi leaves, cardamom and ginger. When these ingredients are nicely boiled with tea it becomes very spicy. Take this tea when you are suffering with cold or cough and it helps in curing cold and gives you relief. The three ingredients tulsi, cardamom, and ginger helps in fighting a common cold or cough.

6. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla can also be used to cure cough. Amla is a very good and strong immune-modulator which protects us from many diseases if taken ensures the proper functioning of liver and maintains good blood circulation in the body.

5. Warm Water

When you are suffering with cold or cough make the habit of drinking warm water as it helps to store the fluids in the body and washes the infection. Boil the water for 10 minutes and keep aside, drink it up when it is lukewarm. Taking warm water daily also can keep you away from many infections and diseases.

4. Gargle

Everyday morning after brushing your teeth try to gargle with warm water and salt added in it. Saltwater gargle is a very old therapy, if needed you can also add turmeric to it.salt and turmeric fight cough and gives relief that you needed.

3. Cinnamon Syrup

Boil a glass of water and add two spoons of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Wait till the ingredients boil and later add lemon drops and take it as a syrup to cure cold. If needed you can add more amount of cinnamon powder depending upon the consistency or requirement. Adding more than a pinch can also male the syrup more spicy and can be very difficult to drink. So adding just a little cinnamon powder is preferred.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea also works wonders in treating cold and cough. Ginger tea helps by drying up a running nose and expels all the phlegm formed in the respiratory tract. Ginger is also helpful in soothing common cold and speeds up the recovery from cold. Eating raw ginger pieces can also reduce cold. Ginger is a also acts as good ayurvedic ingredient in curing many diseases.

1. Milk and Turmeric

Warm milk with turmeric mixture is an effective way to treat cold and cough. This mixture is helpful for both adults and also children in fighting cold. Turmeric boiled in milk and served hot can cure cold or cough and also very healthy for living. Take a cup of milk and add turmeric and sugar if needed and boil it for about 5 minutes still the milk becomes thick and then have this turmeric milk when it is warm. Taking warm milk when you are suffering with cold can keep your body warm and gives you nice relief.

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