Bermuda Triangle

Top 10 Theories About The Bermuda Triangle

Hey reader! Before u gobble up the following words that unfolds some of the unanswered mysteries, let me ask you a question! Do you think we humans are smart? Don’t make your cerebellum ponder too much! That’s an obvious NO! While we do boast of creating marvels and exploring some of the deepest secrets of our existence, yet end up on the losing side. The nature always has the upper hand as there are still many of the paradoxes that demand testimonials which are yet to be extracted. One such mystery is the infamous Bermuda triangle. The loosely defined triangular region in the North Atlantic Ocean has three of its vertices in Miami, Florida peninsula; in San Juan, Puerto Rico and in the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda. The legend of the Bermuda Triangle probably started sometime around 1945, when a squadron of five Navy Avenger airplanes disappeared on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale and since then there were plenty of such incidents!

Here are the top 10 theories that you would find curious about the otherwise known Devil’s triangle.


10. Vengeance of the Comet!

This is one of the more popular of the theories famous among people that the 11,000 year old comet that was downed into the ocean in the probable triangle area is taking its vengeance! Some theorists believe that way back a comet got settled into the depths of the ocean there at has some peculiar electromagnetic properties that could disrupt compasses and other navigational tools and even interfere with an aircraft engine. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find evidence in those deep trenches. So, no comet found yet!

9. Pirates!

Well I can’t really say if “The Flying Dutchman” or Captain Jack Sparrow can be the probable causes of the infamous vanishings in water areas close to the Caribbean but yes, some people do speculate the involvement of the pirates! Piracy has been a consistent problem in the Triangle for hundreds of years and with the good old fear of supernatural events over the area, the pirates have got a never-dying let off! While piracy wouldn’t account for the aircraft disappearances, it might explain some of the ships that went missing over the years (and also, any treasure you might find buried on the ocean floor).

8. Methane Hydrates!

Sounds like you have entered my chemical laboratory, right? But here is something to think of! Deep beneath the surface of the Bermuda Triangle lie pockets of trapped methane gas, just waiting to be unlocked by seismic activity or underwater landslides. If unleashed, the theory says, this methane gas could bubble to the surface, reducing the density of the water. Any ship in that patch of water would lose its buoyancy and sink perilously and if enough of the flammable gas bubbled up to the surface and got high, high, high up into the air, it could potentially stall an airplane engine or even be ignited by an engine’s spark. Although the triangle is very far off the natural ocean bed deposits of methane hydrates, nut you never know! There might be a secret underground tunnel linking that! Mystery grows dark!

7. The Time vortex!

Now here is where the mystery gets interesting! And this theory is based on a single incident. In 1970, Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon and his father were en route from Andros Island to Bimini Island in the Bahamas when they came across a strange cloud that they say grew exponentially before morphing into a tunnel. I find Gernon to be a crazy fellow as he flew directly into the spinning cloud!He flew into that rotating vortex, he says, only to emerge in a thick “electronic fog” with a white haze surrounding the plane. His compass spun wildly and electrical sparks surrounded him. Moreover, he states that he found himself miles off the place he was supposed to be after the fog disappeared! Now would you call that a time travel? It looks positive!

6. The Government!

Most of the theorists believe that governments of certain powerful nations have fostered some kind of testing centre there! And we all know stories similar to this like that of the Area 51 are widely anticipated. They call this base AUTEC (for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center). It’s located on the Bahamas’ Andros Island, right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and it’s where the Navy tests out subs, weapons and sonar and who knows what else!

5. The Aliens!

This seems satisfactory as well! When you have nothing to justify, let the reasons be handled by the ghosts and the aliens! There can be a possibility of an alien spaceship lurking in the deep trenches and possibly manipulating our technology out there! There are speculations of similar rumoured triangle off the coast of Japan which might possibly be the link to the Bermuda triangle as part of the interplanetary portal. This particular myth holds that human ships and planes, when caught in the portal at the wrong time, end up trapped in between dimensions – it’s all just an unintentional by-product of your average day-to-day alien interplanetary, inter-dimensional, time portal transport.

4. Atlantis!

Ah here is my favourite theory! Have you heard of the legendary underwater city of Atlantis that is believed to be somewhere lost in the waters of the triangle. Theorists believe that Atlantis once lay deep beneath the Bermuda triangle argue that the remnants of the intense energy crystals that were once used to fuel the city are now interfering with airplane and ship electronics, causing them to go haywire. There was scuba diver back in 1970 who claimed to have found a mirrored pyramid of some type, deep under the Atlantic, somewhere around the Bahamas. Theorist also link to the Bimini Road, a strange rock formation composed of uniform, seemingly sculpted towers of rock just off the coast of the Bahamian island of Bimini. Deduce yourself, nothing more to say!

3. Magnetic fields awry!

Whenever a ship or a flight has got vanished from the Bermuda triangle, the last communication made with crewmen always revealed a common fact. The compasses going wayward! There are fables that the triangle is one of the two places on earth where the compasses point the exact north opposing the magnetic north. Now, navigators know that a compass must be calibrated to compensate for the deviation depending on the location on the globe. While the Bermuda Triangle was once, during the 19th century, a place where a compass pointed true north with no variation, the Earth’s magnetic field is constantly changing, and along with it, compass variations. Although the modern day sailors are well equipped to compensate that magnetic declination and we are not yet sure regarding the theory!

2. Strange weather patterns!

Well this is just a generalized way of deciphering the mystery! The tropical skies over the Bermuda Triangle are prone to intense, severe storms as warm and cold air masses collide over the ocean. Add to that the swift-moving Gulf Stream that cuts right through the triangle, and you’ve got some very difficult territory for both ships and planes. To add another level of mystery to the legend, consider the underwater terrain which is rugged and deep, and is home to the Puerto Rico trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. Anything can happen!

1. The Human error!

Human beings are subjected to errors. We are humans after all! Given the circumstances the Bermuda Triangle’s tropical weather and crystal blue waters make the place a prime burial ground more major ships and planes. There’s a lot of traffic in the area, and when you add in the turbulent weather patterns, swift currents and a landscape composed of a lot of similar-looking islands, it can be really easy to lose one’s way. Although the only thing that would keep me off this theory is the frequency of the vanishings over the triangle and the lack of evidence corroborating it!

We will always have similar mysteries evolving up where we try deducing solutions although there is hardly any surety of the occurrences! For each such mystery I will back with such top 10 theories that would try and answering the questions!

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