Things Children Learn In School

Top 10 Things Children Learn In School

There are two kinds of children in this world. The first kind which are eager to go to school for a variety of reasons- meeting up friends, getting to do various activities or even for studying. The number of children found in this category is diminishing at an extensive rate and are majorly an endangered species. The other kind are the ones which seriously question their parents decision to enroll them in school. They take school as a mere societal-cum-moral-cum-parental obligation, and don’t understand why schooling is even necessary in life. They hate to get up every single morning, bathe, get dressed and crave for the comfort of their homes and their beds, which is their most preferred cove.

The second category lethargic students are the ones who actually ponder what they have to take-away from each day they spend at school. It is for the benefit of these children that we have made a list of things and attributes that children gain while in school, which are beyond the obvious Pythagoras theorem and Shakespearean literature.


Things Children Learn In School

Here’s a list of the top 10 things children learn at school.

10. The Hierarchy Of Life

Not relating to the food chain or the evolution cycle, the hierarchy of life refers to the simple process of delivering to commands and following instructions. Students grasp the concept of superiors and subordinates, as they obey rules from their teachers, who in turn responds to the teacher representatives, who is further held responsible by the headmistress or principal of the school. This working-class hierarchy is easily understood by the students, who know who to approach for what situation. Worst-case scenarios are taken to the principal, such as cheating; and menial cases such as misbehavior are dealt with by the teachers themselves. This is something which is useful in every phase of life, be it college or the workplace

9. Learn To Earn

Students are taught the importance of studies, and how it will benefit them in the long run. They observe the society around them, sans the protective parents. They note that the more the educational qualification, the more important the job, the more the pay, the better the standard of living. This stimulates them to think and actually understand why studies play such a vital role in their lives. The ones who don’t, obviously, have some back-up plan in mind or are usually spoilt silly by their parents who are rolling in wads of cash to give them a luxurious childhood. Most hardworking students, however, emerge from this category.

8. Winner Gets All – The Rat Race

As rightly said in the Bollywood film, 3 idiots, the rat race to become the best starts very much from a child’s playschool days. With the reward system inculcated since infancy, the tiny-tot toddlers know that their teacher gives special stickers and smiley faces to the students who make the best drawings. This is a life lesson, which can only be learnt through experience and cannot be substituted with anything else. This is what gets in the children a competitive drive or an urge to win.

7. Nothing Like Friends

The school environment facilitates interaction among the peer group and other people in our day-to-day life. We learn to make friends and decide who gets to stay in our lives and who doesn’t. Friends play such a vital role in shaping us, making us who we are. Company matters so much in our lives, and friends we make in school even more so. Our personalities are also developed, making us introverts or extroverts and thus defining our relationships with the rest of the world at large.

6. Money Matters – Independence

Once one is in school, one is faced with many occasions of handling money and money’s worth. Be it the fund-raising event, the maths club competition or even paying the school fees through a cheque, students realize the power of money. Rightfully or wrongfully, this affects them and influences their decision making prowess. They gain a small fraction of financial independence in respect to earning a tiny amount of pocket money. They learn to manage their expenses with this income. Yet again, this is a life lesson.

5. Better Late Than Never – Time

Time management is something nobody can teach you better than a student. Deadlines, assignments, project work, homework, extra-curriculars, tuitions, hobby classes, sports, just to name a few, are some of the things which engage student’s maximum capacity. How to deal with all of this is a bonus that comes with the student package. Trust me, not a single student would be unable to tell you how to multitask or manage multiple tasks in one go.

4. Studies Aren’t Everything

The student life is bundled with a hectic schedule and tons to do. But what a student actually learns is all that matters. One important aspect of school is also that studies aren’t the only thing that matter. Getting good grades would get you a great college, undoubtedly. But what will matter in the long run is what makes you different from the umpteen number of other students with straight A’s in their reports. Now, the students learn to showcase their inherent talents at every platform possible and develop their hobbies into passions.

3. Love Conquers All

School life is usually the time when we have our first crushes, our childhood sweethearts. Be it the senior heart-throb of the college, that junior-lab assistant or even your chemistry professor, there would be few who haven’t had a love history in school. When cupid strikes, you have your first crush which may blossom into a relationship or just end right there and right then. Whatever the case may be, there are blissful memories and experiences that one often recalls with nostalgia. One learns how to conquer the fear, handle the excitement, face the pressure, calm the jealousy, battle the nerves and deal with the emotions all through these simple sweethearts of the students. To think parents are worried about what their children are doing!

2. Being Responsible – Teamwork

The ability to manage a team and coordinate with the peer group is what a major experience of school life is. As various projects are assigned in groups, children are held collectively responsible for the team efforts. One learns how to divide the work, how to tackle problems as a team, and how to deal with any last-minute issues. Team spirit is also inculcated through various sports, where it is very much important to play for the team rather than for one’s individual self. This changes the focus to a wider one, and the perspective becomes selfless rather than selfish. This is very important as lifelong interactions are required in groups and teams. School isn’t just simply A-B-C, is it?

1. Take On The World

That’s what school is meant for at the end of the day, right? It’s meant to groom you to take on the world with all your might and in true faith and confidence. Whatever may be the field you eventually choose to follow as a profession, school gives you immense skills and knowledge to really excel in that sphere and even otherwise. The irreplaceable guidance of the teachers, who in the future even may become your biggest mentors give you the strength and the courage to pursue your passions and dare to dream. They become your stepping stones into the future, and groom and develop the confidence in you in ways you could never have even thought of.

There are the best 10 things children learn in the school “List”.

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