Top 10 Things That Are Actually Bad For You

“Don’t cross the road if a cat already has. Let someone else cross it first, otherwise it will cause you bad luck.”
“Don’t look at only one mynah, always find them in pairs. Spotting one will cause you to have a bad day.”

The above remarks and others similar in kind are often made by superstitious people looking out for the well-being of others around them. Not all of such predictions can be correct, or even right, for that matter, but read on to know about ten things that are actually bad for you ..


10. Trying out various cosmetics on yourself

Your party schedule might be all about “Mohawk Mondays” and “Curly Sundays”, or “Tattoo-ed Thursdays” and “Sizzling Saturdays”. And there are a lot of the days each month. From your hair to the toe, not every part remains free from glitter and gels and serums and other God-forbidden stuff, but it is essential that you know about the damage caused by use and abuse of products meant to make you physically appealing. Rashes, infections, hair fall, brittleness and what not. These are your common friends. I hope you now know why.

9. Cocktail of Booze and Smoke

Uh-huh. Yes. Just because you’ve attained legal drinking age doesn’t mean you have to compensate for the dry years. And being alone, single and friend-less on Friday nights ain’t no excuse either. Booze and smoke kills your lungs and liver. Together. They die a rotten death, and don’t get to live happily ever after. And they drain your pockets, pretty much the same way you say, “Bottoms up!”

8. Too Much Porn

How can THIS be wrong?

They are addictive and make you obsess over them all the time. It starts with harmless thinking which turns into fantasizing and having unreal or “different” expectations from your partner/s, and then a host of activities and experiments on your own self, and then on your immediate circle. And then you want to try it out on people outside your immediate circle. You find people with similar interests and form groups and the same activities get repeated as group activities. And if you’re switching tabs between this and some porn site, you’re a proved sex maniac bordering on voyeurism.

Sounds charming, huh?

7. Screen Time before Sleeping

Trouble sleeping right after you switch off your laptop or iPad? Or some tingling in your eyes when you hit the shack after sending the “Goodnight, love” text to your beloved?

Well, if your answer’s “yes”, which probably is, then it’s high time you stop checking your phone or working on your laptop before going to sleep. What happens is, when it’s actually sleep-time, the screen-light creates an illusion of daytime, thus the brain becomes active once again giving signals to remain awake, when actually you should be sleeping.

I’m guessing that you knew about this or just learned it.

Now go back to sleep!

6. Eating

Yes, You’re a foodie. You live to eat. Dream of the potential harm you can cause to anyone who eats your portion. And you compensate for this not-too-distant-future by eating more the next time you wake up.

Lemme just stop beating around the bush in this one.

Food is good. And it is available for you, as long as you live.

So, there’s no point in gorging on it, all the time.

You’re just preparing yourself to plunge into a future of flab, fat-shaming, mood swings, depression and not to forget, huge medical bills. And if you’re contemplating on having children, it’s a vicious cycle of never ending misery.

5. Excessive Shopping

You shop, thinking that you MIGHT need it. Then you come back home and end up like Isla Fisher in “The Confessions of a Shopaholic”. And, trust me, you aren’t really doing anyone a favor by going for such disastrous shopping sprees.

4. Too much charity

Now, I’m all for charity and helping the less fortunate, but giving away when you don’t feel like doing so, and giving away due to peer pressure is dangerous. Also, people can take advantage of this charitable behavior of yours, even without you realizing it.

3. Headphones

You might feel frustrated by the world and music is your salvation. But plugging your ears with the noise, 20/7, if not more, is definitely NOT the way to deal with the world.

Have you ever heard of noise pollution? Obviously not.

Because you are deaf.

Or will be. If you continue your polluting your ears with noise, that is.

Studies have proved that most cases of hearing impairment nowadays is due to the excessive usage of earphones. Just how difficult is it to turn it down a little?

2. Too many showy/awesome fire crackers


You might lament the paucity of occasions for bursting fireworks, but seriously get a grip over your emotions. Firecrackers not only pollute the environment, but they also burn a hole in your pocket.

Did you know about the extremely dangerous environment in which the makers work? The more you buy these crackers, greater is the pressure on these laborers to keep the supply constant. Add to it the fact, that each loud burst from a cracker causes a mini heart attack and sparks often generate greater fires causing more damage.

And explain these very carefully and in great details to anyone hell bent on bursting these.

1. Tanning

Embracing the sunlight might be your new mantra to beat the Sun, but seriously, have you not been reading about the harmful effects of sunlight?

Get an artificial tan, if you’re so keen on doing it.

Now that you’ve read about the top ten “Things-Not-To-Do” list, get going!

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