Top 10 Things That Can Happen Only Once In a Lifetime

So there’ll be multiple days in your life when you’re going to be really happy or really sad. Most things in life you’ll get to experience a number of times or at least more than once in your life. Also, for the same reason, these experiences will mean less to you than those exclusive ones that happen in a lifetime. Those too vary for most people actually. Something that one person may experience nearly every day could be extremely rare for somebody else. But then there’ll be things that irrespective of your background, culture, your upbringing, and lifestyle will be so rare and so meaningful that you’ll be waiting for those to happen to you. And in all likelihood, they won’t keep happening over and over. In the spirit of how cherished these things are let’s try to list down 10 of them.


10. Say Your First Words

So basically, no matter what you do, your first words will always be your first words. Whether it’s saying Mom, Dad or Sky, Food or something utterly stupid it’s that one event of your life that is irreversible and that will always stay with you. Even your first steps will only happen once in a lifetime, never again.

9. Lose Your Virginity

Because practically there’s no way to revirginize yourself, maybe surgically there is but practically, no. Once you lose your virginity, it’s gone forever. The hymen only breaks for the first time. It’s possible to have a broken one even before you get sexually involved with someone. But the membrane breaks only once. Plus the first time is always special because you’re both physically and emotionally letting someone in for the first time. So unless and until you’re crazy enough to surgically alter that, it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

8. Witness Your Kid Walk The First Time

What a pleasant sight that is, isn’t it? Watching your kids take their first steps. That’s one joy you wouldn’t get to experience over and over hence making it at least sentimentally a completely wonderful once-in-a-lifetime thing.

7. Witness a Venus Transit

It’s an astronomical event that basically encompasses the disk of planet Venus passing across the face of the sun appearing like a little sunspot. It’s advised not to view this site without proper protection but it occurs only once in 100 years, making it literally once in a lifetime.

6. Get Your First Salary

The first time you’re handing over your paycheque is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The feeling of economic independence is very liberating and one of pure joy. Since your first salary will only happen once in your entire life, it’s cherished and celebrated.

5. Turn Into a Teen

No matter what you do, you turn 13 only once. It’ll be that time of many changes in you, physically and even psychologically but that’s also one of those things that don’t happen to you over and over again. There’s only one door in and out of teenage.

4. Fall in Love

So this is obviously debatable, but to me, I think love really just happens once. I do not doubt that someone can make you feel out of the world happy again after the first time, but I think the first time is always different. Maybe it isn’t the person you end up with eventually or get married to and make babies with, but this person is capable of moving you chemically in a way no one else ever will. So that feeling is too exclusive to occur more than once in a lifetime.

3. Live Your Dream Wedding

Of course, you can get married more than once. So many celebrities get married multiple times actually. But I think whatever your idea of your dream wedding is will only happen to you once. Not ever again will you be able to live that experience of tying a knot with someone you love in the most picture-perfect way possible.

2. Climb on Top of Mt. Everest

If this even happens once to you in your time, you’re rather lucky. I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush one must get with an achievement like that but it does happen to people. And even to those people, it only happens once. I don’t think anyone manages to gather the courage to take up that kind of a challenge again mainly because it’s not as tempting the second time either to take all that pain for it, and you wouldn’t do it for fun.

1. Witness a Light Meeting (12/12/12)

So this calendar event is also called a Light Meeting in Tokyo and is literally a once-in-a-lifetime date because it only happens once in 100 years and we’re unlikely to live longer than that. It’s also considered a really auspicious date, and sort of history in most ways because of how rare it is.

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