Top 10 Things We Forget Everyday


The human brain can only hold so much. Thanks to Cloud storage, even the limited mental capacity is now losing its capability. Add to it the innumerable things we are trying to push back. Sighs. If only you could make a list for each little thing that you forget everyday. Or at least, remember to make your list.

Fear not. Read on to know more about the top ten things you forget everyday .. Maybe this is gonna help you remember something!

10. Laundry

You either forget to send them to the laundry or bring them back. Oh, wait. You even forgot to wash your spare or emergency clothes. And there you go. Staring morose at your empty wardrobe and wondering whether you should have lived in with a fashion designer or had access to 3D printing. Well, maybe both.

That’s one of the everyday things you are bound to forget! The reason for wishing you had Cloud storage in your brain as well. If only ..

9. Making lists

You probably want to make a list of everything you have ever done or intend to. But then again, you’re either tired. Or you forget. Or just plain lazy.

Making a To-Do list for everything you want to do isn’t really a bad idea. Remember when as kids you made lists fro the things you needed for your school project?

You should start working on it ASAP.

8. Following your diet

Yes. This. You promise to go on a diet each time you consume that layered, awesome, cheesy Sub or realize that your jeans aren’t making it to your waist. But each time you see food, something happens and you just forget all about eating less. Let alone dieting.

Time to start remembering this, huh?

7. Switching off the fans/lights

Each time you have to rush for your work, or college or just leave the room, switching off the fans is probably the last thing on your mind. The same goes for lights, specially in broad daylight. Now, this is something you just HAVE to do. To save your own bills. And electricity. And the despair when you realize, that you’re the reason for the number of extra digits in your monthly bill.

6. Paying your bills

Unless they mail you, you’re bound to forget it. Specially if the amount isn’t very significant. Or you have enough to forget that you have to pay.

And then you remember when they’ve already cut your electric supply and you’re greeted with a putrid smell from your refrigerator, the moment you unlock your door, after a long day outside.

5. Projects / Deadlines

Well, this is hardly something to forget, but every once in a while comes along a project that has a deadline much later than your immediate ones and you inevitably forget about it. And for the less fortunate ones, there’s always homework to forget. Everyday. Poor kids don’t know what awaits them in their not-so-distant future.

4. Watering the plants

You love showering. So, why leave out the green little friends who adorn your gardens and provide you with fresh oxygen to breathe. This isn’t something to forget, per say, but it usually happens when the little green people are not really in your immediate sight, or if someone else does this job.

3. Taking your medicines

Who needs medicines when you have your life to live? But you forget, when your disease/disorder takes over, you’re not really gonna have much of a life. Forget living it. We often forget taking our medicines when we start living away from people who reminded us of these. And we are reminded of taking them when suddenly there’s a cramp or worse, we fall unconscious in the middle of a busy day, on a deserted street corner.

2. Wishing for birthday / anniversary

This is the worst thing you can forget. It is suggested that you make a note JUST for this and put it somewhere you’ll get to see each time you do something, anything, near it. Just tag it along with you if you can.

Everyday someone was born or married or needs to be wished luck for an exam or just to get through the day. This, really, is the worst thing that you can forget or even be late to do. There’s no forgiving yourself once you commit this crime.

Still wanna think twice about making the “Things-To-Do-List” note? Perhaps a little alarm to remember that you made a list might help. Or just hang it with your fan, so that you can see it each time you wake up. There. Problem solved.

1. Remembering

That’s the first thing you forget! Remembering. Duh. The reason for wishing you had Cloud storage in your brain as well. If only ..

The above list is just 10 of the hundred other things you forget everyday.
Be sure to start making more such daily lists in order to get you through the day.

Happy remembering!

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