Eye Facts

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Eyes (Eye Facts)

God has gifted us with the five senses, our vision, hear, touch, smell and taste. A normal human being can not imagine his life without these senses, all these abilities are very important for leading a beautiful life. But if you ask anyone about the sense organ which is most important according to them, definitely their answer would be their eyesight. Just a second, please think about all your daily chores, you will apprehend that everything you do in your daily life needs your vision.

Let’s know some facts on eyes …


Eye Facts

Here in this article, I am trying to present the top 10 basic facts about your eyes, which you must be aware of.

10. 20:20 eyesight is not the best sight one can have

Many of us believe that 20:20 vision is the finest vision possible. Noticeably, the 20:20 eyesight refers to the extent a usual adult should be capable to see. Envision a standard eye test graph/monitor, the 20:20 eyesight is perhaps the second last line. The line underneath the 20:20 vision is even smaller and signifies 20:16 vision.

9. Each person gets Cataract as he gets older

Cataract is basically a slow but sure clouding of the eye lens and it takes around ten years from inception to the higher stage, when you need medical treatment. It is a normal upshot of getting older. The Cataract can be judged as the gray hair, as with the age people get gray hair same is the case of cataract. The average age of people who suffer from cataract is around 75-80 years.

8. The Human eye lens is more rapid than any Camera lens

Our eye lens is placed beyond the pupil, and the basic function of our eye lenses is focused on the object. Analyze the things you glanced a short time ago, think about the distinct distances you focused on. Let us compare the focusing quality of our eyes with the camera lens, a good quality camera lens need a few seconds to change focus from one distinct object to another. On the other hand, our eye lens performs the same job instantly.

7. At the age of 7, our eyes are completely developed

Another interesting fact about our eyes is that our eyes are totally developed by seven years age. At the age of 7, our eyes are physiologically similar to an adult’s eye. All of us should be aware of this information, because various eye defects if diagnosed before this age can be corrected medically. Ahead of these seven years, no medical treatment can eradicate the defect perfectly.

6. Almost all humans need spectacles as they get older

Roughly ninety-nine percent of the populace start requiring the reading glasses between the age of 45-50 years. As we get older, our eye lens starts losing the focusing ability, as a result, we need reading glasses. To facilitate the near vision, our eye needs to focus on the nearby the objects and for this the eye lenses need to be changed to more spherical shape for this purpose we need spectacles.

5. The basic detection of Diabetes is done during an eye test

The type 2 Diabetes (generally developed in later stages of life) is normally indication free, that is, the patients don’t even identify that they have it. Such diabetes is usually recognized during the eye tests. It can be identified by the diminutive hemorrhages from the trickling blood vessels at the rear portion of the eye. There one should get his eyes tested at regular intervals.

4. We blink around 15,000 times a day

The blinking mechanism of our eyes is similar to the windscreen wipers of the car. It is a semi-involuntary operation, that is, we do it instinctively, although we can blink if we have need of. It is one of the essential tasks of our eyes because it helps in taking off the fragments and dust from eye surface, by laying out unsullied tears over the eyes. These tears posses essential antibacterial characteristics and also nourishes the eyes with oxygen.

3. Our eyes can adjust to Blind Spots in our eyesight

Several eye diseases like Glaucoma and other common health issues like stroke, can be the reason for development of blind spot in your eyesight. This is our eye’s ability to acclimatize the blind spots vanish. This is done by concealing the blind spot in your concerned area and letting the active part to fill up the gap.

2. We see with our Brain not with our Eyes

Many of us don’t know about the proper functioning of our visual system. We think that we are able to see everything because of the eyes, but the reality is our visual system includes eyes, brain and nerves. The task of eyes is to accumulate the information about the entity you are visualizing. This collected information is then transferred to brain through the optic nerves. The brain analyzes the collected information and facilitates you to observe the entity in its elegant form.

1. Human eyes water when they are Dry

I can understand, this might appear to be crazy, but this is the most weird fact about human eyes. Our tears comprise of three distinct constituents, that are, fat, water and mucus. These three components are present in a fixed proportion. When these three constituents are not present in the required amount, our eyes turn out to be dry. As a result, the brain acts in response by producing additional water and hence our eyes water.

These are the top 10 facts about eyes.

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