Bad Breakup

Top 10 Tips to Become Happy After a Bad Breakup

Okay so most of us have been here, like through a Bad Breakup, or a breakup at least which are mostly just bad. Sometimes they may be for the better, like if you’ve grown out of the relationship or you’ve realised that you’re incompatible etc. but at the end of the day, getting rid of that habit, or getting less used to that person is always a pain. All bad habits are hard to quit, so are these people. But just because you’re hooked to that person doesn’t mean you have to let them hurt you. Whenever you decide to end a relationship, for whatever reason, you need your recovery person and you need to retrieve your old self that knew how to be happy without them. All this comes with time ;  time does really fix most things but till then you need to make a start, a start to being less miserable without them.

Here are a few tips on how to recover from a bad breakup.


10. Delete their Contacts and all their Old Conversations and Pictures:

Basically, get rid of every possession of theirs that you have kept with yourself. You can’t linger on to their memories and expect yourself to move on. Don’t make things so difficult for yourself. It’ll be hard at first, but once you get rid of it and you don’t have access to those memories anymore, not at least with such clarity, you’ll find yourself moving on. Your dependence on them will reduce by the day and it’ll only feel great.

9. Get in Touch with Old Buddies:

There might be people you found yourself losing touch with once you started dating this person. About time you got your friends back. I know it’ll sound a little selfish but then friends are always going to be there for you and they’ll help you heal best. You can vent out your frustration in front of them and they’ll totally support you in all your crazy adventures and conveniently let you whine.

8. Take a Trip:

Sitting home and staying in the same familiar environment is unlikely to make you feel any better. It’s true that you need to get used to that same environment without them but a little temporary change wouldn’t do any harm. It’ll keep you distracted for a while and give you less time to wonder about all the what if’s.

7. Involve Yourself in Some Activity:

You might as well drown yourself in work actually. I do not adore workaholics but if working helps then why not. Maybe you actually love your work and it’s intriguing enough to keep your head occupied with more productive thoughts. An alternate would be to join some class, like a dance class or joining an NGO or doing anything you love.

6. Don’t Look for Rebounds:

Stop looking for replacements. People often get into the process of searching for a rebound immediately after a Breakup but that doesn’t ever end well because you’ll always keep comparing your ex to this person and that might just make you miss them more and alongside you’re also hurting this innocent person who had nothing to do with your breakup.

5. Break the Routine:

Change your old boring routine. Your old routine had a lot of them and you don’t have them anymore so you’ll feel the gap every day if you stick to the same routine. However, if you change your routine altogether you might get less chances to think about them because you’ll be occupied doing things you love instead of brooding over the past.

4. Eat Lots of Good Food:

Eating helps. Especially desserts or chocolate in specific, it really does. Good Food is very likely to make you happy irrespective of what is going on in your life otherwise because when you eat you don’t really concentrate on much other than that. You just really relish the food. You can actually even start cooking, or trying new recipes, never a bad idea.

3. Socialize:

Don’t lock yourself in a room because you don’t have a date for a party anymore. Go out there and have some fun. Your life isn’t all that bad, it just has one less person and they’ve just made space for someone better in fact so there’s no reason to isolate yourself. At the same time, always take some me time off and pamper yourself. It’ll make you feel less needy and dependent on someone and plenty good about yourself.

2. Read and Read and Read:

Nothing heals better than a Good Novel. You get so engrossed in the novel itself that you somehow place yourself there in the book instead of the characters. If you actually Read some good books absolutely nothing else is going to even remotely cross your mind, plus reading is a very good habit all in all so you get twin benefits.

1. Don’t Hate the Idea of Relationships:

Just because one didn’t work out, doesn’t mean another won’t so don’t stop believing in love altogether. You’re going to find someone absolutely wonderful eventually and everything will just fall in place. Don’t lose hope. Only hopeful people can be happy, pessimists just settle for things and settling never makes anyone genuinely happy.

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