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Top 10 Ways To Be More Optimistic In Life

The greatest boon to humans is their brains which generate thoughts; these thoughts could either make you feel optimistic or pessimistic. While our life takes strange twists and turns so does our thoughts, for keeping yourself sane through all times your thoughts need to be more optimistic. With overpowering stress in today’s era, research has shown that optimistic people live longer, happier and healthier. The fact remains that optimism and pessimism are two sides of the same coin. Even though none of us are so perfect to keep our brains functioning in positive directions at all times, we are quite capable of developing skills and tactics to indulge into positive thinking.


How To Be More Optimistic?

Below are a few effective methods that all of us can try:

10. Stay realistic and expect ups and downs

Being realistic is a way of keeping things in view, which would prevent you from shock phases leading you into a negative line of thoughts; such perception also prevents you from blowing things out of proportion. Just because you hold an optimistic view doesn’t mean you will stay astray from bad times. Just like waves rise and fall in ocean such is the path of our life as well. After fall there is always a rise next. So its always prudent to let go of your failures and take the next step.

9. Give love and invest in love

The greatest thing in this world is love, love doesn’t cost anything but it does give you back a lot of happiness. It has unconditional supply for everyone be it family, friends, animals or strangers, there is endless supply for everyone. Surrounding yourself with loved ones gives you optimism to withstand every hurdle. It inspires, heals, encourages and forgives.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

A man is as good as his companions. Staying around negative people will fill you with gloominess. Be determined to either stay in good company of those people who motivate, encourage you while never judging your shortcomings. It won’t be long before you recognize a fresh energy surrounding you at all times.

7. Inspire yourself with smile and gentle positive reminders

Research has proven that by putting a cheerful grin on your face would trigger that part of your brain which actually generates a happy feeling. This feeling would generate happy and positive thoughts regarding your present and future. Also make it a point to nudge you with positive reminders like:

-“Nothing is impossible”

-“I will make things better next time”

-“I am stronger now”

6. Work on things that can be controlled

Pessimism is a state which compels you to think about things that haven’t yet taken place, or things that cannot be redone once happened. It creates a storm in your brain escaping which becomes impossible. Pessimism will lead to a waste of time and energy. Every second consumed worrying about it is fruitless. Rather acknowledge things that went wrong and realize that you always have a choice.

5. Feel blessed

You have so much to appreciate and are thankful for, give yourself the required pause and look around. Everyone has their own troubles, bugging yourself with unnecessary thoughts isn’t a solution.

Start a diary and note down things which made you happy, remember those random memories and impulsive thoughts that made you smile. Write down your positive experiences in it and open it every time you feel sad or helpless.

4. Find opportunity in every difficulty

Optimism doesn’t signify entirely ignoring problems but it focuses on the understanding that problems can either be temporary or permanent in nature, learning something from it is the lesson life wanted to teach you. This doesn’t necessarily come to shatter you, if life takes away something it always gives back in return. It’s on the person to distinguish opportunity from struggles.

3. Appreciate nothing stays permanent

We have it in our nature to heal with time, things move on and so do we. Pessimists tend to associate troubles to personal, permanent and pervasive factors while optimists attribute it to positive factors. The bottom-line is that our life will not stay permanent whatever we are experiencing good or bad will change.

2. Show gratitude

Your perception influences your outlook. If you perceive things in an optimistic way, not only will it make you feel good about yourselves but also would bend your focus in a positive direction. Once you decide to show your gratitude to all those people you brought happiness in your life, a lot of positive feelings would surround you. The boost of optimism will make all your worries go.

1. Focus on present

People often remain obsessed with their past or future. By being stuck in another time you cannot focus on how your life should move in the present. Every time you try to recapitulate information in your memory it takes good eight seconds of focus to generate that information. Instead of obsessing over the past and musing about the future, the best optimistic way to deal with life is by living in present. Making the best of what you have today let bygone be bygone while nobody has seen their future.

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