Ways To Be Happier

How To Be Happier? Top 10 Ways To Become More Happier

We all have so many different ideas about how to be happy in life that we build many castles to achieve it. Who in the world wouldn’t want to be happy, people try many good and bad things in an expectation to be happy, but fact remains that you don’t need big things to be happy in life but simple things are what will make you happiest in life.


Ways To Be More Happier

Here listing down 10 simple things which for sure will make you feel fuller and happier:

10. Exercise More – 7 Minutes Might Be Enough

A lot of people are talking about the 7-minute workout these days as mentioned in New York Times. So if you had not taken out time for exercise from your busy schedule, it’s time to reconsider your decision. Exercise has proven to have an immense effect on happiness and well-being. In fact, it is an effective method for overcoming depression. In a study conducted by Shawn Achor in his book, The happiness advantage, three groups of people were formed one treated their depression with meditation another with a combination of exercise and meditation and the third treated its depression only with exercise.

When a follow-up on their treatment was taken after six months, those who followed the medication treatment out that 38% had a relapse while 31% who had followed a combination had a relapse. While only 9 % of those who followed the only exercise slipped back into depression.

9. Sleep More – You’ll Be Less Sensitive To Negative Emotions

We all know that our bodies are capable of repairing themselves in the unconscious state of mind. Studies have stated that sleep-deprived people had more probability to fall into a trap of depression. Another study showed how the mood of employees was affected according to their sleep schedule. Those who had a regular and proper sleep routine had a good impact on their work, mood and performance. Sleep will always help repair your body tissues including the brain which would also bring happiness and relief from stress.

8. Move Closer To Work – A Short Commute Is Worth Than A Big House

A long commute to the office will have some impact on your happiness. We travel two times a day and 5 or 6 times a week, so there is no surprise that its effect would build over time and make you less and less happy. While many conditions might be voluntary but nothing can beat the slog to work every day. Someone truly defined that traffic is a journey in hell.

7. Spend Time With Family And Friends – Don’t Later Regret It On Death Bed

The top regrets of dying are not staying in contact with family and friends, people become so occupied in their lives that they completely lose touch with friends and family, their work-life starts holding more importance than your close ones. Social time is good for everyone, even for introverts. Studies have shown that even a short time spent with your loved ones can enhance your happiness.

6. Go Outside – Happiness Is Maximized

Make time to go out on a nice day; studies have found that by spending even 20 minutes outside will not only boost a positive mood but will also broaden thinking and mood. Being outside near the sea in a perfectly sunny weather is an ideal spot. In fact, it is proven that the natural environment act more on enhancing happiness as compared to urban environment.

5. Help Others

A counterintuitive advice for making yourself happier is by helping others. When researchers recently tried to find an answer to it by interviewing 150 people, they found that people who had spent for group dinners or concerts were far happier as compared to purchases like shoes, clothes etc. In another instance people who had made a purchase for someone else felt better and happier than purchasing for and spending on themselves.

4. Practice Smiling – It Will Alleviate Pain

Just by smiling, we can make ourselves feel many times happier. A smile is backed by optimistic thoughts. A research led by Michigan State University found that, customer service workers who fake smiling all-day fall prey to bad mood swings and withdrawal from work. It is obviously important to exercise a “real smile”, don’t worry! You can always distinguish a real one from the fake. Your eyes tend to reflect when you are really happy.

3. Plan A Trip – But Don’t Take One

As contradictory to taking a holiday actually, it seems just planning it can enhance your happiness many folds. A study showed that there was a higher spike in happiness during the planning phase of vacation as compared to actually taking it. The happiness level dropped after taking the vacation. The study shows that due to anticipation, happiness is boosted. After taking vacation happiness level reduced. The best is to plan for a vacation like a night out, or group trip which might or might not take place but its anticipation keeps you happy and up.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a method of improving attention span, focus and clarity. Following a routine of meditation would decrease parts of stress and improve your ability to think with clarity and serenity.

1. Practice Gratitude

This is the simplest strategy to keep yourself happy, either by maintaining a journal or by sharing things that you are grateful for with your friend. By expressing such feelings you can boost your happiness.

These are the best 10 Ways To Be More Happier.

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