Top 10 Ways To Deal With Backbiting Friends

When god came down to the human race to make people who are needed for an average human, he probably thought about a person who can make you happy and be happy for you at the same time, even though he/she is not related to you completely. No, I am not talking about your relatives who talk about you when they are proud of you. I am talking about that friend of yours who doesn’t give anything about what others talk about you, but always believes and does what you say. When this person goes behind you and talks at your back, nothing can be more hurting, seriously!

Here are some tips on how to deal with backbiting friends:


10. Humiliate them

There is nothing better than humiliating the person who lied about you to others. When the other person has no problem doing that behind you, then what is the problem in humiliating him/ her in front of others in public, seriously? By exposing the lies that he has told about you in public, you can make others understand how bad the other person really is.

9. Ask them the reason

Backbiting is something that everyone should get rid of, no matter who it is. But if a person is backbiting at you, then there must be some reason for that to happen. Ask for it. If the person is hesitant to talk about it, then pester them about it. This is something that has to be taken care of since the issue involves your social status and image as well, and there is nothing wrong with making sure that you are in good social standing.

8. Talk to them

There is nothing wrong with having a conversation with a person who is backbiting with you. The only thing that must be kept in mind while doing so is that you should never lose your mind. Have a conversation that can do you some good. The other person might even be testing your patience in such a conversation, but never give up. Make sure that you are right at your point and these points should not be used against you in any other conversation, no matter what.

7. Avoid them

This is probably the best thing to do to a friend who is talking behind your back. He/ She would soon realize that there is something wrong about him/her that you don’t like, which is why you are not talking to him/her. If the other person is the kind of person who thinks that friendship is important to him/her, then he/ she would definitely apologize to you in the near future.

6. Walk away

If the person is the kind of person who knows that you know about the fact that he/she has backbitten on you and is still trying to talk to you, then the best thing to do is to walk away from that person. He/she will soon realize that you just don’t want to be a friend of him/her and feel sorry for you.

5. Don’t share your secrets with them

When you have a friend who doesn’t keep his things to himself/herself, you cannot have your secrets left with them, and it is definitely not good to have them with them. He is sure to share your secrets with someone whom you do not want to really share them with. Therefore, it is best to stop talking with a person who has a big pot mouth.

4. Don’t mind them

It is a dog’s job to bark at you, no matter what. Just like that, do not mind whatever he/she says about you, even if he/she is telling it right to your face. It would add as a point to humiliate them and will help you to gain a stand for yourself and your character as well.

3. Prove them wrong

There is nothing better than proving the person wrong who says that you are wrong. So, get your points right and get ready. When the time comes, just prove the fact that they were wrong. This will give you immense pleasure and throw the guilt out of your head. It will also get some guilt right back in the other person’s head as well, thereby setting the right tone.

2. Help them recover from this habit

If the backbiting friend of yours has realized what the mistake was, then there is nothing wrong with having their friendship again. You can even help them come out of this habit, and this help that you are doing to them will probably help them be closer to you than before.

1. Let them go to hell

There is a certain level till which you can tolerate things. When things go beyond this level, there is nothing much that you can do about it. Therefore, be yourself and let them go to hell. Don’t even care about them, no matter what. When the other person doesn’t give a damn about you, it can be made sure that you don’t give a damn about them as well. Go ahead and announce that you don’t need them for your survival on this planet.

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