Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Your School Holidays

School holidays: those 2 months of the year which were and will continue to be the most enjoyed part of school life.

Those hot summer months where children can do nothing but lie in the Air conditioner or cooler the entire day, and parents had no option but to comply. Sheer relaxation and pure bliss sans any worries demarcate the school holidays from any other you can possibly experience. Swimming pools, vacations at exotic beaches or hill stations, the oh-so-familiar sound of the ice cream or “kulfi” man, provided a slight respite from this heat.

As school children enjoy their busy schedule full of extra summer classes and workshops, the holiday homework always ends up getting procrastinated to the very last week. But if you’re a school kid looking for something unconventional yet leisurely to do this year in your school vacations, look on further!

Here’s a list of top 10 ways to enjoy your school holidays.


10. View and review old photo albums

This one is especially for the teens! Since you have so much time at your disposal, make the most of it by reconnecting with sweet memories of the past. When do you actually get the time from your oh-so-busy schedule to actually sit down and remember the fond times spent with your loved ones? Some of the emotional ones may even be slightly overwhelmed by the nostalgia of this exercise, but take it in a positive sense and use these memories to actually reconnect with people. This also brings me to my next item in the list.

9. Meet up lost pals and family members

After revisiting your old times through the photo albums, I’m sure you would want to visit some people who you had previously lost touch with! Haven’t you thought every week to catch up with your nursery school pal or that neighbour who shifted away from your locality? Well, now’s the time. Old grandmom or grandpop also would love to have their grandchildren’s company during this time. Oh, you think it might be boring? Wait till they make some home-made treats for you and tell you all about the latest Samsung Note 3 model releasing. Believe me, grandparents are way cooler than you think. This will also score some brownie points on the parent-front, for that video game or set of sketch pens you’ve been dying for.

8. Make a scrapbook

Especially for the creative ones, this one’s a sure shot time pass! Make a scrapbook of all your precious moments, and use this as a place to collect and keep together all your mementos. The ID card from first standard, the time when your picture was printed in the newspaper, your first rose, your second horrible haircut, the time when you got braces! Basically anything and everything. Decorate it with caricatures, coloured felt or even glitter! This will not just be a treasure trove of memories, but also something you can preserve for generations to come.

7. Go on a hike

Not referring to the messaging app! This one’s obviously subject to various conditions like the weather being perfect, enough sunshine, plenty of food etc. But it surely is a must-try. How many times do you get the opportunity to go outdoors and be one with nature? Another tip- leave all your electronic gadgets behind. The way you feel revitalised and energised from within is something that is truly worth experiencing once! You’ll want to return for more.

6. Take a trip of some local destination

Yes, we all are surely dying to go on that 15 days 14 nights trip to Europe. But have you ever explored your own city or it’s nearby localities? There are so many places and things which you should go to. For example- In Delhi, one can go to Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid or even Dilli Haat. Today’s kids barely think beyond the airconditioned malls and restaurants and exotic foreign destinations. Take a day-trip to somewhere nearby with everyone in a bus, and see the fun and frolic you create. Plus point? It’s nearby and will definitely be easier on the pocket.

5. Visit an orphanage or do some social work

Nowadays, the trend among school children is volunteering for some or the other social cause with some or the other NGO. But how many of them actually get out there and help the people who are in need of such aid? A much better alternative is, go and personally visit an orphanage or an old age home. Take along some nice treats or goodies, or even just give them the pleasure of your company for a day. The experience will work wonders for your personality and groom you up in a way you would never have imagined!

4. Join a theatre group or a theatre workshop

Theatre is beyond the realms of the old clichéd dance and music summer workshops. It is something which changes your natural posture and way of talking, and is something that will stay with you for a long, long time to come. Theatre not just gets you involved in current affairs and social issues, but develops your public speaking and confidence as well. The concept of street plays or “nukkad naatak” is widely gaining popularity, and you should make the most of this. Another plus point for your CV!

3. Pursue a hobby or a passion

If you there’s something you’ve wanted to try out for really long and haven’t got enough time or opportunities, go for it now! Be it scuba diving, photography, baking, kite-flying or even collecting stamps, be sure to develop this hobby to the best you can. After all, hobbies are what give our life respite from the mundane everyday routines. Take classes or a crash course, or learn on your own through the internet!

2. Start up your local business

Why not put these spare days to some use and actually make some money? Work out the logistics of that idea that’s been at the back of your mind for ages, and actually bring it into an action plan. Things you can sell may be ranging from cupcakes, to lemonade, to homemade greeting cards, it just depends on how well you can market! Earn some money over and above your cost, and you’re all set to tackle the business world when you grow up.

1. Sleep, sleep and sleep!

The one most important thing you miss out on when you’re going to school: sleep. In this hot weather, there would be limited options to actually go outdoors and you would mostly be confined to the indoors. Why not enjoy a nice long afternoon nap? As per granny’s little book of secrets, a good sleep can cure the most awful ailments. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, right?

To put an end to this entertaining list, one can summarize by saying that these holidays will be something you will look upon with nostalgia and remember with bittersweet tears. So make the most of them and put them to the best use possible. Most importantly, enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Let the future generations of your lineage look at you with envy, as you reminiscence the fun you had!

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