Ways To Get Fit

How To Be Fit? Best 10 Ways To Get Fit & Slim Fast

So I’ve struggled with this most of my life so my heart goes out to every woman or man who have had weight troubles or suffered because of it. I think being overweight not only handicaps you from wearing clothes that you want or look the way you want and suffer medical problems, but it also has a terrible psychological effect too. It really hampers your self-esteem and makes you superconscious. It makes you wonder if people are laughing at you every time you step up on the stage or they’re judging you because of the way you look. All that extra flab is sure to bother you. Every time you go shop and don’t fit into your favorite dress, or if you do you don’t look as good in it as you want. But then again, unless and until you have some serious medical issues, and if you’re actually determined to lose those extra pounds, it’s pretty possible to shed it too. Here’s a list of how.


10. Cardio

Cardio is well, the first and obvious choice if you want to lose weight. And the good thing is that it will help you lose weight all over. It will work on your entire body simultaneously and you won’t have to control your diet too much also and cut down on all your food cravings either so that’s a good reason to take it up. Just a half an hour run would do too if you incorporate it in your schedule.

9. Walking your way to Weight Loss

Now you’re not a hardcore cardio person. You don’t have the time to run around or do stairs or something so not an issue. You can always find some time to walk right? And you can just replace with your driving around to somewhere really close by. So instead of taking that 5-minute drive, just walk down to your favorite market and shed a little weight alongside.

8. Get Motivated

The most important step to weight loss is to first get motivated. Whenever you decide to lose weight you’ll first need to stick to whatever you plan because the process is hard and it’s a time-consuming process. You cannot expect instant results. So you’ll need to be motivated enough. Set goals, put up your phone wallpaper as a fit person’s picture or do whatever it takes for it.

7. Get your Food Consumption in Place

Now if you’re going to have 2 plates of butter chicken post 10 you can’t expect yourself to ever lose weight. You need to basically fill your stomach up in the morning during breakfast and then consume a lesser amount in every successive meal.

6. Increase the number of Meals

So instead of having too much in one go, you can actually split your meals and have them more frequently that’ll practically reduce your weight-gaining tendency and accelerate your metabolism. It’ll be easier for your body to digest food like that instead of when you accumulate it all at once. So that’s another way to lose weight but then again that’s not enough on it’s own. You need to take up some kind of exercise or physical activity alongside.

5. Join a Gym

If you don’t have it in you to plan out your weight loss program on your own, join a gym. One hour of the gym will help you lose oodles in a short span of time and proportionately. Your gym instructor will understand your body type and help you get in the kind of shape you want in the right way and right time span.

4. Yoga

Yoga has multiple benefits and one great benefit is weight loss. It will systematically help you lose weight, make you more flexible, and make your body healthier in general. And once you get used to it you’ll always make time for it because it’ll make you more active in general too. Yoga is more of a lifestyle choice and a very healthy one at that.

3. Join a Zumba or Dance Class in General

If you want to add some spice to your weight loss mission and not make it that mundane you can join some dance classes or Zumba classes and that’ll make you sweat loads! Dance is a kind of physical activity that you’ll enjoy doing and won’t even realize you’re losing weight alongside and that’s probably the best kind of way to lose weight.

2. Engage in Some Sports

So if you like any sport at all, even if it’s cycling or skipping for that matter, go for it. You’ll not be pushing yourself and you will enjoy yourself in the process of weight loss. The more you think about something as a method of weight loss, the more impatient you become. Losing weight doing something you like is the easiest way to lose weight.

1. Commit yourself to a Healthy Lifestyle

More than losing weight, it’s important to maintain it. Treat yourself a little every time you meet one of your weight loss goals and learn to keep your body happy. Never starve yourself, make it happy and you’ll never have to be uncomfortable in your own skin again!.

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