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Top 10 Ways To Make The Earth Greener

“Don’t keep the tap open!”

“Hey, switch off the lights and fans when your classes are over!”

“I don’t need the car everyday, just when I’m terribly late.”

“You wanna go somewhere? I could give you a lift.”

The above sentences are a reflection of our minimum or rather, most basic knowledge and awareness regarding environmental damage and its prevention. Not everybody is an expert on environmental sciences, but there is a certain consciousness working inside us, which is a product of years of effort put into creating awareness on this subject. It’s partly unconscious. And if you still believe that you don’t know enough on environmental improvement, read on to know the top ten ways on how to make the Earth Greener ..


1. Using CNG in public and private vehicles

We have all learned about the effects of fossil fuel emissions. Apart from the fact that it’s poisonous to health and the ozone layer as well, the price is not subject to constant fluctuations and is, hence, more economical.

2. Use public transport

Forget using your car unless it’s absolutely necessary. You won’t contract diseases if you travel via public transport. What’s more? Your petrol or diesel price gets saved and you may not even have to keep a full time driver anymore. One less car per family means lesser emissions and lesser cars on the streets.

3. Stop wasting

Giving away your clothes every 6 months is a noble initiative on your part, but why buy 6 times the more each time? And that too from brands that fool you in broad daylight? Get rid of all those newspaper and magazine subscriptions that you don’t even know exist. Stop receiving them in the hope that someday you’re gonna go through them. Save paper. And your money. And yes, use both sides of your writing pads. Also, don’t charge your iPhones and Notebooks all through the night.

4. Ban leather

I’ve cried myself hoarse over this. DO NOT be tempted by high end brands showcasing their leather goods. Faux or otherwise. Let alone jackets, don’t even use leather bags. Use canvas. Cloth bags. Funky jute bags. Jute sandals. Avoid fur. And mink. How would you feel if your skin is ripped off to make artificial skin for others in cold weather while you’re shivering naked? Oh wait. You have to die.

5. Pool cars

For a change drive your neighbor or your children’s friends together for some distance. It’s not gonna cause harm to your image. Nor is your social status going to be downgraded. In case you have to use your car each day, I suggest you do it guilt free. Split the costs, if you want. Don’t take your car if your destination is nearby. Simple. You can also give a lift to anyone you know, while on the streets. If they’re going in the same direction, that is.

6. Adapt

This is perhaps the best and fittest solution. Adapt yourselves to the changes you might be making and you’ll be good to go. Instead of switching on the air conditioner at the drop of a hat, just remain calm for sometime and try adapting to the temperature. If nothing else works, take a dip in the pool. Or go for a long cold shower. You’re aware of the harmful effects of the CFC’s. Now put your knowledge to use and shut down the air conditioner. And if you have to stay in air-conditioned rooms, try sharing it with your colleagues, friends, family or whoever is in the vicinity.

7. Use energy-saving lighting

Get rid of all old lights at home and work. Not only lights, but all old electrical appliances. They consume too much energy and causes those extra digits in your monthly electricity bill.

8. Don’t use wooden furniture

It’s high time that you abandon your concept of “pure wooden” furniture. Switch to wrought iron. Or faux wooden stuff. Also, ditch your ambitions about having that nice bamboo armchair in the open balcony, or having turpentine wafting through shiny, varnished wooden floors. You can’t just steal from Nature’s home and build yours.

9. Use natural manures

Chemical manures, pesticides and other materials used for improvement in crop production actually cause more harm than good. Apart from the fact that they seep into your consumables and cause harmful changes in your body, they are powerful enough to live on in the soil and pollute the area and the entire ecosystem associated with that patch of land. Natural manures and vegetable compost, on thee other hand are innumerable times more safe than all those chemicals. And the bets part is, you don’t necessarily have to buy them. Just lead your animals to a spot and they’ll do the rest. Well, the collection and utilization is your job.

10. Practice what you preach

No change is easy to make, let alone implement. The best possible way is to start little by little and then stick to it. It is always beneficial to personally implement changes and new decisions before asking others to follow suit. It not only compels others to follow, but also maintains the essence of Nature being the greatest Teacher.

In our efforts to save the environment, we are actually making changes in our own selves. Our own lives. And that is the beginning of all great changes ever made towards the good of mankind.

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