Top 10 Ways To Make Your House Theft Proof

    House Theft Proof

    Are you scared of intruders? At the present time robbery is increasing day by day. People don’t think twice before stealing other’s possessions. A person works day and night to earn money, buy his own house, accumulate cash for his kids’ future use, in short, he spends his life in earning a happy life for his family. On the other hand, there are people who choose a wrong path to acquire all these necessities. Such people try abduction, stealing to get their hands on all these luxuries. The robbery incidents taking place on a daily basis are warning us, and forcing us to take some safety measures for our prized possessions.

    House Theft Proof

    So, here we have listed some ways by which you can make your house theft free and can protect your hard-earned possessions.

    10. Select the Locality Carefully

    The basic point one should consider before planning to buy a house is to check its location, the people living around, kind of society, etc. The locality of the house plays a major role in rescuing the house from thefts and burglars. One should prefer buying a house in an active locality where a lot of people stay nearby because the lonely areas are the destination of robbers.

    9. Have a Dog

    Keeping a trained dog is the easiest method to keep your house robbery free. Dogs, considered to be the most devoted pet are really good at looking after the safety of the house. A big sized dangerous dog is not required, a small dog is enough to handle the thief. Specifically trained dogs are also available, who do not permit any outsider to enter inside the house.

    8. Don’t Boast about your Possessions

    A person should keep in mind to not to brag about his or her possessions in public. By doing this, you are not only letting the information out rather you are attracting nasty, unwanted thieves for the robbery. Therefore it is an advice for all to not to disclose about your prized possessions in public. It is better to stay cautious.

    7. Somebody should always be in the House

    Make sure one or two members reside back in the house when all other’s are going out in any function or gathering. If it is not possible for someone to stay back, then you should create an impression somebody is there in the house. For doing this you can keep the fans, lights or television on. The best way is too install timers in the television and other equipments, such that the appliances turn on and off at some interval of time, saving the electricity.

    6. Proper Lights

    Night, that is darkness is the requirement of the thieves for carrying out their immoral deeds. Luminosity plays an important role in holding the robbers away. The facts say that around 65%, robbery is done at night. A great option to keep your house theft free is to install motion-sensing lights, so that whenever someone attempts to burgle, the lights switches on automatically. Install the lights with clocked system, so that electricity can be utilized without wastage.

    5. Appropriate Locks should be installed

    Appropriate locks should be installed in the house for safety. With the advancement of technology, a number of locks are available in the market. One should select the lock, such that it can make your home a more secure place. Bolt the doors and windows before sleeping. For proper safety deadbolt locks should be installed, which are in double cylinder form, and can be opened only from inside or by using a key.

    4. Install Door Viewers

    Another great way to keep your house safe from robbers are the door viewers. At times, it happens that the robbers try to enter the house in some disguise and try to steal even when people are there in the house. Such people can terrorize the family members to take hold of their valuable possessions. This kind of theft is very common in the society, the robbers enter the house when there is only a single person in the house.

    3. Go for Newest Alarm Systems

    Installing alarm systems is another useful safety measure. These latest technology systems safeguard your house to a greater extent. It is a fact that, while robbing any house the thief doesn’t make noise. That’s why we should install a motion alarm with buzzers, with the help of which you can identify any unsolicited person entering the house. The most newest alarm systems can also inform nearby police stations and neighbors about the robbery. For additional safety one can also install CCTV cameras.

    2. Craft it Tough to Rob

    Even if your house is in the list of the robber’s ideal place, you can still prevent the robbery. You can prevent them entering your house through various ways. Spiky bushes and shrubs should be planted all-around the house. Make sure that the bushes are not too tall and thick for the thieves to hide. Acquire a safe and sound place to keep the valuables, such that the robbers can’t find it easily.

    1. Constructional House Check

    The most important step to make your house robbery proof is to go for a routine house check. One should check all the weak security points in the house at regular intervals. Make certain to lock up all the windows and gates before going to sleep. Make sure your house does not have external water/sewage pipes, which functions as exceptionally great stairs for the burglars. Ensure that these pipes are covered with cement, which won’t give a robber a firm grip.

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