Top 10 Ways To Scare Off Telemarketing Callers

Tired of hanging up the calls of telemarketers in the middle of the conversation? Bored of listening to their same repetitive schemes and so-called “profitable” sales? But you can’t even waste your time listening to them or make yourself uncomfortable by holding the phone for several minutes. Then why don’t you enjoy the conversation? From the next time don’t reply in a harsh tone, instead make your conversation memorable. Here are some ways to scare or freak out your dear telemarketing caller. NOTE: Make sure to carry your confidence with you when you receive their calls and don’t forget to confirm that it is the telemarketer, otherwise it may ruin the whole setup.

10. The Silence

As soon as you receive the call say hello but never say a word ever again. Let them talk for several minutes, it is fun to listen them speaking loudly when you’re totally ignoring them. They’ll hang up the call pretty soon. But if they don’t do so, come back to the call and apologize for not listening and ask them to repeat. You can also say that you were giving food to your unicorn or you were busy combing your unicorn’s hair.

9. Hellooo

Every time when your telemarketer speaks and asks you for the response, reply him with an elongated hello in some creepy voice or start speaking in some random language or make your own language because it would not be good to continue the conversation again as they can automatically switch to the other language, if they know it.

8. Obnoxious Sounds

Instead of responding to the telemarketer why don’t you imitate your pet cat’s voice or some different animal’s sounds. You can ask the caller to hold and pretend that you are calling some elder to talk, and instead of calling others start making obnoxious sounds. You can also try speaking a whole bunch of random words in the middle of the conversation.

7. Sing A Song

In the middle of the conversation you can start singing your favorite songs or why not to sing some strange 80’s song in some strange and different voice! Maybe the caller needs some entertainment, maybe he had a fight at home last night, who knows? Do your bit to make him laugh, after all that’s your entertainment too.

6. Calling Stranger

Whenever the telemarketer calls up and you’re not in a good mood, don’t shout on him saying “Remove my phone number from your call list!” because this is not the only one to call, others are still waiting to call you anytime. You can ask him for his home contact number, address or personal details, the doctor should get the taste of his own medicine. And when he seems confused then tell him that it is the same feeling you get when they call.

5. Act Crazy

When they are speaking try beeping at random times in middle of the conversation. You can recite names of things you see around you, like “chair, phone, fan… yeah fan, I can see the fan!”. Why not repeat whatever they speak in a crazy voice? You can also act on the phone, tell him that he’s the savior, he saved you from dinosaurs. Start talking like your favorite television character, like Donald Duck or anyone else.

4. Don’t Ever Let Them Speak

As soon you hold the receiver, scream for help as if you’ve got murderers in your house, as loud as you can and hang up the call. You can also ask them to hold and put the receiver in front of the speaker and set it on the full volume, after few minutes come back to the call and say that you’re dead and its your soul speaking. Don’t let them speak a word, whenever they try to say anything interrupt and ask random questions like “Do you like ice-cream?” or “Are you virgin?”

3. Marriage

It is sometimes that the caller won’t let you utter a word, listen to him and at the last of the conversation say “We know each other from last 10 minutes, I know you so well, will you marry me?” or ask him or her out. You can tell him that you’re single from last (your age) years and you are (your age), and want to marry a cat or a dog but your family is not allowing. You can also tell about your unconditional love for the telemarketer and how much you miss him.

2. Extra Kind

Be extra kind to the caller, maybe he’s having a hard time. Listen to his complete thing, tell him that the offer is really good, act surprised and when he asks you “Would you like to buy it?” then say “No…no…no…thank you, buh-bye” and hang up the call. You can also try asking him different questions about the delivery charges and discount offers etc and when he’s finished answering and asks you to buy it, say “oh- no, i never wanted the product, but can you tell me today’s date?”

1. Pranking

When you pick up the phone, act like the answering machine or like a tired and crazy police man who will put the caller in jail for disturbing him. You can also act like the caller has reached 100, “Yes, sir/madam, where is the emergency? Where do you need our team to help you? Are you kidnapped? Are you going to suicide? Hurry up! we don’t want the terrorists to shoot you up before you tell us the reason for your call.”

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