Top 10 Ways you are Harming the Planet

Crying Sad Planet Earth

Earth, the only planet known to have life on it. But wait! What are we doing to it? Using it as the property that is solely ours and does not belong to either of our ancestors or our coming generation. Well, I guess, most of us do not do this do to private property as well. Then why are we taking our mother Earth for granted? Well, for those who argue that they are not the culprits check the list below and if you really are not, then I thank you very much. In addition, I request you to pass on this to others so that together we can.

10. over usage of fuels

How many of us bother to walk or go for public conveyance than personal vehicle? Well, a les number indeed. We have been using petroleum, CNG, diesels and other fuels, ruthlessly, as if they won’t ever come to an end. Dear friends, these resources are limited, though they are natural, it takes over 1000s of years to become what they are. Therefore, we need to cut little usage of them. Moreover, when these fossils are used, they emit carbon, which causes global warming.

9. Wasting electricity

I remember, once I visited my uncle. We all had to leave from there for a party. While leaving, my uncle forgot to switch of the lights. I hurried fast and switched off them. My uncle laughed and said, “Dear, it’s okay, it won’t cost much, if these lights would have been open the whole night”. I felt bad, and bad indeed. I told my uncle, “Money can’t buy all the things. You know, it takes lots of water and other resources to produce it”.

8. Building dams

Dams are of huge importance to mankind. However, building dams obstruct the natural cycle and have negative impact on the environment. This may affect the breeding places of many marine organisms, and often their lives.

7. Overfishing

Due to our increasing consumption of seafood (fish being the major one), one more danger has come up. The 52% of fish stock is completely exploited, 17%are overexploited, 20% are moderately exploited and 7% is depleted. We are losing down the species and the entire ecosystem. The ecological unity of our oceans is at risk. Moreover, we are losing a valuable food source many depend upon for social, dietary reasons and other economical reasons.

6. Use of poly

Plastic bags are made of toxic chemicals. These are non- biodegradable. Even when burnt, they release poisonous chemicals. About 10000 animals die every year due these plastic bags. Animals may ingest them, and this causes death. Even after the death and decomposition of the animals, these polybags remain intact. Above all, petroleum is required to produce these bags, this is thus becoming more expensive to afford.

Polybag, used in our daily life is so harmful, ever thought.

5. Wasting food and water

We all know the 71% surface of earth is covered with water, but the saddening part is only 3% of it is available as fresh water, and then do you think, we can afford to waste the water? The day is not far, when we will cry for the water. Talking about food, we waste as much food as can be used to feed the hunger driven population of the earth. Doing so, we waste resources and disturb the environment.

4. Improper Disposal

How many of us use dustbins every time we have to throw the garbage. Not really many. Well, doing so we destroy the scenic beauty of the earth. And moving ahead, we contaminate the soil. The non-biodegradable items need to be disposed of properly, as they choke the earth. Not just this, disposal of garbage in water resources has a great impact on marine life. Moreover, one more dimension has been added to disposal, which is e-waste disposal. This releases harmful chemicals in the soil, which can even cause cancer. Sooner, the earth will be no green, no flowers and no plants, just years to human extinction may be.

3. Industrialization and Technological Advancements

Coming up of an era of industries and technologies, what boon for humans. But, the way a coin has two sides, similarly, the negative impact of this technological advancement cannot be left. Thanks to the era for introducing us to the air, water, soil and noise pollution. We have our lives so occupied by technology and so ruled by it, that we cannot imagine a day, without them all. Well, it would be idiotic of me, to say that stop using the technology now. All I mean to say is “Everything beyond a limit is pollution”.

2. Deforestation

To satisfy the needs of housing, shelter, wood, and going a step ahead to comfort and luxury, we humans have been ruthlessly cutting down the trees. “THE TREES”. Trees, which provide us food, shelter and most important oxygen. Where will we humans go to breathe, if not earth, in case the deforestation continues? Thanks to deforestation for the global climate changes. I know we have to satisfy our needs. Do not say “no” to all this, but at least we can “minimize this”.

1. Overpopulation

The basic quest of economics- unlimited wants, limited resources and allocation of these resources. Population, in fact, the too much of it now, is a burden on the earth. I do not mean by weight, I just mean race among them for food, water, place and what not. Well, if it was just to satisfy the needs of the people, there would not have been a problem, but the problem is “Earth has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”.

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