Weird Holidays

Top 10 Weird Holidays You Need To Start Celebrating

Holidays are held to ease out the tension and let people enjoy. Celebrations are the most common way of having fun. Every place has it’s own kind of traditional holidays, but there are some holidays which are weird and odd. These festivals aren’t meant to harm anyone, that is just a way of having fun not everyone can understand.

Here’s a list of the weirdest of the weird holidays celebrated all over the world:


10. La Tomatina

It is said to have started when soldiers a long time back did not have arms and ammunition in a war, so they used tomatoes instead. It is held every year and the number of people which come to participate in this festival is really high. People are found throwing tomatoes at anyone and everyone. If you are not some cleanliness freak or someone who hates being dirty, you will love the strange experience for years to come .And not to forget it’s great fun.

9. Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme

It is also known as ”near to death experience“. People who have had near to death experience are carried till the cemetery in a coffin. They also take a round of the church in the coffin and discuss openly their incidence. The fact that a live person is carried in a coffin is a bit weird to think about, but you can be a part of it and have the experience yourself. There are chances that you will like talking to people about the life threatening experience you went through.

8. Wife carrying world championship

Husbands carry their wife and boyfriends carry their girlfriends at their back and cover the distance of the track in order to win the race. The female can be carried in any way at the back. The winner gets beer which is equal to the weight of his wife or girlfriend and five times the female’s weight in cash. Isn’t it an easy to earn accolades. If you partner is heavy you might even have a an advantage of earning more and disadvantage of carrying a heavier weight on your back in the competition.

7. Boryeong mud festival

If you don’t feel bad when you are painted all over with mud, instead enjoy the calm feeling it gives you, this festival can be a delight for you. Also there’s an additional advantage that the mud used is good for skin, hence you get to have a better skin while having fun.

6. Holi

Holi is popularly known as the ”festival of colours”. It marks the end of winter season. People meet up and throw water balloons, buckets of coloured water and gulaal at every possible person who crosses the street. You don’t wan to wear your favourite dress on this occasion atleast. You get to see yourself in rainbow colours instead of the usual and is a great way of having fun.

5. Go Blonde festival

Girls dress up in pink with blonde hair. A parade is held to cheer up people. You also get to enjoy in beach parties while having a great time. The festival also includes may activities in which you can participate. Marlin Monroe look alike contest and Harley Davidson bike parade are the main attractions.

4. The Cheung Chau Bun Festival

There are cascades, towers or mountains of buns that are created. People run up to the highest point they can to snatch buns from the pole. One can take up as many buns as they desire. It is also said that higher you climb up to get the bun and snatch it, the better will be your luck. Plus having free unlimited buns is always fun.

3. The Mosquito Festival

The Mosquito Festival star casts the not so loved by all as the main character which is praised throughout the festival – Blood sucking mosquito. Numerous competitions and events are held during the festival. A carnival with Willie – the mosquito as the main character is one of the main attractions. People wear t- shirts which have ‘ mosquitoes suck’ printed on them during the festival.

2. Bull Run

A group of bulls is let loose and allowed to run on streets after the barricades are opened up. People run in front of the bulls to save themselves. People can always get on the side of the Run way to save themselves.

1. Monkey Buffet Festival

This one is not about humans. It’s about humans giving something to their close relatives – Monkeys. A buffet with fruits and sweet dishes which are especially prepared by people for monkeys is organized. The feast is eaten by the monkeys.

There might be many such bizarre festivals which are held at some or the other place in the world, we don’t know about . Such wacky things make most of what life is all about, celebrating happiness in every possible way you can.

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