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Top 10 weirdest fashion trends from around the world

We have heard of all sorts of fashion trends all our lives, Some really awesome fashion trends that inspired us to implement them in our fashion statement, While some that were not appreciated. Here are top ten weirdest fashion trends that people follow all over the world , a few of these might even give you goosebumps. You would end up questioning how insane could people all over world be about fashion ?

10. Hitler Chic

Followed in – Thailand

This fashion trend originated from Thailand. At the beginning of this year, Hitler decided to intrude into Bangkok. If you are trying to figure out how this could have occurred, this happened because the intrusion took place in the land of fashion. The picture of the unpopular German leader is now appearing on all sorts of things like T-shirt, posters, shirts, sweatshirt and a lot more, for this the term ‘Hitler-Mania’ was coined. Don’t be surprised to find a Hitler version of Ronald McDonald, pandas who are Hitlerized and also the Teletubbies if you visit Bangkok. If you believe the foreign correspondents then this trend can be ignored representing such underlying tendency for fascism. Kids no matter what act stupid!!!!!

9. Southern African Metalhead

Followed in – Botswana

Earlier, heavy metals were not considered a fashion trend for attracting audience of African origin. However off late the old school classic metal fashion has recurred for the chain and leather variety. Now this counter culture motion has began in South African nation apparently.

It’s a peculiar sight for watching the Botswanian metalheads who are adorning a complete cow’s worth black leather. As the South African metal clad individuals explain this trend, power and their culture is depicted by the metal music surrounding them. It also gives them a sense of freedom and strength. This is also a reason they nickname themselves weird names like Gunsmoke or Demon….

8. Gothic Lolitas

Followed in – Japan

In western, the Japanese term ‘Lolita’ is a fashion culture which represents stylish and cute Victorian era clothing. “Gothic” form of styling is however all about gothic, darker aesthetics which according to Japanese teenagers represents fashion as interpreted by a 15 yr old.

7. Elf Boots

Followed in – Mexico

Elf boots, a new craze engulfing Mexico has been described as pointy, long and sort of silly looking. This crazy cowboy boots having elongated tips have become a fashion statement amongst the people in Mexico for unknown reasons. One may wonder, why do they follow it? It is a classic example of insanity where male dress up distinctively to attract women attention.

6. Meggings

The question about putting on something instead of pants which are similar to leggings is an issue among many ladies but ultimately we have found an answer to that as muggings. The answer is “For god’s sake put on some pants”. There can be no reason why men would want to put on such form-fitting, skin tightening clothes, the material used can be compared with that of silk panties in thickness. Only if the man is in an amazing shape can he look good in those which come out to be just 0.1% of all male population, otherwise god forbid, people will end up having hiccups at such a sight.

5. Eye Jewel

Followed in – Netherlands

Eyes are one of the most important features completing your look in the fashion world. Of course we paint around it, add colors, wear contacts to suit with our look etc., but seldom have we seen people seriously considering doing fashion on eye itself. Because that is a ghastly idea even to consider.

However the Dutch disagree with this perception of people. More than 8 yrs back a technique of inserting small studs of precious metals into the eyes was developed. This obviously gave the teen girls an alternative to driving their parents crazy without even dating black guys. (kidding) Now parents have a whole new motive to be angry about. The Dutch claimed that this technology is absolutely harmless irrespective what eye specialists have to argue. But Common guys , how could impaired vision or a little eye bleeding make a difference at all by wearing nearly invisible heart or half moon? There’s really no need to answer this…

4. Eye Tattoos

Followed in – USA,Canada

We have heard of tattooing everywhere including the eyes for valid medical reasons, especially those people whose eye tissues have scarred. But putting in dye/ ink into sclera (white stuff of eye) is just horrible. While people do this to receive giggles altogether insane. I m sure even god has no idea where people will start inserting tattoos next…

3. Manba

Followed in – Japan

Manba basically came from the Ganguro subculture, as its variation. In this the girls emphasize themselves with heavy makeup and dark skin. The entire face is painted dark brown while just leaving one line of white on their nose and half white circle around their eyes. If this makes you wonder WHY ? Then that’s just Japan again!!

2. The Facekini

Followed in – China

In China getting tanned is a big taboo. They would try and avoid getting tanned as in their country tanning is associated with manual labor which for them becomes something to be ashamed of, I believe? But for them the dilemma arises when they want to visit beaches, thus here comes facekini , Tada fighting evil.

Playing with the words bikini, Facekini became a hit amongst beach goers in East China. It’s just another accessory that goes with swimsuit along with goggle, tube etc. It’s a integral part of their costume, also for little kids undergoing therapy for having observed Faceless sea monsters.

1. Bagel Heads

Followed in – Japan

A Bagel shape or donut shape is formed by injecting saline into the forehead. This is only temporary as the saline gets absorbed into the body and another fact is that more than one person had tried it, makes it unbelievable. For once accepting piercings and tattoos is acceptable but why would one want a bagel forehead cannot be answered.

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