Women's Summer Essentials

Top 10 Women’s Summer Essentials

Initially, summers are fun, but the peak of summers can be outrageously annoying. All that sweat, messy hair, clothes sticking to your body and tanning, partial tanning actually; my feet are only half tanned and it’s so clearly visible sometimes I just wonder if my feet are ever going to look any better but then they do, in winters that are. Your skin becomes very oily and all the dirt and pollution sticks to your face and then acne appears on your previously blemish-free skin and well, many other similar troubles we have to face. Women, especially because all such things are more evidently visible on us, men can still get away with it. So what do we do to escape this traumatic situation? You can’t turn the sun off but we’ve got our own little remedies and well, also ways to prevent these painful summer consequences.


Women’s Summer Essentials

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Summer Essentials for Women.

10. A Good Sunblock

This is well, pretty obvious. As bright and shiny as the sun may be, it’s equally likely to leave us darker, sometimes in parts and sometimes entirely (yes, you sporty people I’m hinting at you). We’ve all gone shades darker since birth due to many reasons, one of the major reasons being the sun. Always carry a good high SPF sunblock from a reliable company, preferably get it from a medical store, the cosmetic ones aren’t equally reliable. Check the expiry date and make sure it’s not too sticky.

9. Oil Removing Face Wash

It’s a must to wash your face at least 3-4 times a day during summers else your skin is going to drip off oil and it’s going to be pretty dirty by the end of the day. Get a good oil removing cleanser or face wash and carry it wherever you go so that you don’t have to compromise. You can consult your dermatologist if you’re not sure of your skin type. Some people have a relatively oiler skin than others and they need good oil draining face washes more than the others.

8. Carry A Scarf

Get a light cotton scarf and always keep it in your bag. Whenever travelling in public transport or out in the dust, tie your scarf around your face nice and clean so that most of your face except the eyes are covered and you aren’t in contact with the pollution and dirt outside and are less exposed to acne.

7. Water Bottle

This is primarily for everyone who decides to step out of the house in the summers. Carry a water bottle which holds sufficient quantity of water because it’s pretty essential to keep yourself hydrated at all times in summer else the heat is going to get the better of you and you might just end up falling sick which won’t obviously be very pleasant. Water is pretty good for health anyway and you’ll crave for it either ways.

6. Cotton Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are an absolute must in your wardrobe during the summers. They’re cool, comfy, casual and will help you beat the heat better than most other attires. They come in all sorts of bright colours giving the feel of summer and the same time, the lighter fabric and lighter colours are less heat absorbing and also their not so figure-hugging structure make them a must-have for summers.

5. Flip Flops

You can’t flash them so much in the winters because it’s too bloody cold but summers are perfect for flip flops. They’re bright, colourful, good for the sun and the rains and never too much of a pain for your feet. Least troublesome footwear, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Why wouldn’t you buy a pair?

4. Sunglasses

Don’t let the sun get the better of your eyes. The heat also makes your eyes really heavy and make you feel super sleepy and drain the energy out of you so buy a nice pair of sunglasses, make a statement and save your eyes the trouble too.

3. Wet Wipes

You can’t head to the washroom to wash your face every 10 minutes now can you? Washrooms may not even be available everywhere so always carry a packet of wet wipes along and you can roughly wipe your face every time you feel like it’s getting too oily or dirty and it’s also pretty refreshing during the summers.

2. Deodorant

Who hasn’t been a victim of awful smelling underarms thanks to all the heat and sweat? Even if you’ve bathed in the morning you’re likely to smell nice all day and foul smell can be pretty embarrassing so it’s always best to carry a refreshing long-lasting deodorant along.

1. Lightweight Tote Bags

Now you don’t always need a big leather bag to carry all this stuff, a lightweight tote is always a great option in summers because it’ll accommodate most of your stuff, is trendy, stands out and doesn’t bother your shoulders all that much.

These are the Best 10 Summer Essentials for Women.

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