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Top 10 World’s Most Bizarre Beverages

Feeling thirsty? You need a quick beverage to regain your energy! Have you tried Liquid smoking or bird’s nest drink? You will be amazed to know that there are several bizarre beverages which are consumed by many. They might taste awful but people still prefer them over others! People consider them as a healing agent or energy booster and that’s why they are being sold widely.


Most Weirdest Drinks in the World

Here’s a list of top 10 most bizarre beverages consumed all-round the globe:

10. Deer penis wine

I am sure you haven’t heard of it before! Deer penis wine is considered as the ultimate drink with special healing powers by the Chinese. However, it was banned in 2008 Olympic Games held at Beijing. This drink contains herbal ephedrine which is known to boost sportsperson’s performance by enhancing his energy levels. Moreover, this bizarre beverage contains male penis which increases the flow of blood in the body and increase male’s sexual drive. Another drink is known as “Three penis wine” is also famous and is made up of penises of dogs, deer and even seals.

9. Rainbow beer

The exclusive range of coloured beers manufactured by Abashiri Brewery is quite popular in Japan. The rainbow beer is a brightly coloured beverage and contains wintery Ryuhyo draft brewed with water from the icebergs. Isn’t it interesting? Moreover, the blue colour of the beer comes from the extracts of seaweed. Despite this, fermented seaweed is used in this bizarre kind of beer which gives the beer its green colour. The Jgaya Draft is prepared using the purple tomatoes.

8. Kimchi soda

The kimchi soda is manufactured by Ramune in Japan. The drink comes in Codd stopper bottles having a glass marble and plastic ring rather than a usual cap. The bizarre beverage is available in several flavours such as teriyaki, kimchi, bubble gum, white champagne and many more.

7. Peruvian frog juice

As the name suggests, this particular juice is extracted from the Peruvian frogs who are the inhabitants of the Lake Titicaca in Peru. The frogs are killed and thereafter liquefied with honey and aloe vera. However, the consumption of this beverage is discouraged by many because of the declining population of the frogs in the lake.

6. Liquid Smoking

The drink was launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 by a Dutch manufacturer, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation. It is believed that this drink can help the smokers get rid of their smoking habits for at most 4 hours. Manufactured to help people tolerate their nicotine cravings; it is prepared from a mix of South African plant roots. However, the company soon shut down owing to a lot of criticisms of its internal management.

5. Bust-up drink

It is one of the most bizarre beverages produced in the world. If we talk about its purpose, it is quite absurd as the product manufacturers claim that their product can enlarge breasts without any medication or surgeries. The active ingredient if this beverage is Pueraria Mirifica, a tuberous plant used in Thailand for menopause-related issues. Bustup also contains concentrated fruit juices, vitamin C and honey.

4. Panda dung tea

The beverage is marketed widely under the brand name of Panda Ecological Tea which is divided into three grades and sold in limited editions. Surprisingly, the highest grade offered was US $72000 per kilogram. Quite expensive, isn’t it? He believed that pandas are the only animals which are known to absorb less than 30 percent of the food nutrition and remaining goes as waste. Consequently, this waste is used to manufacture what is known as Panda dung tea.

3. Cow water

Cows are considered as holy animals in India since time immemorial. They are worshipped on every auspicious occasion. That’s why; cow water or “Gaujal” is known to have special healing powers and considered as a superior quality drink than many other drinks available in India. Moreover, Ayurveda also emphasises the importance of cow water to treat cancer, liver problems and diabetes. Also, the drink is popular in Italy where it is sold widely.

2. Bird’s nest drink

It has been observed that certain swiftlets leave behind strands of saliva sticking to the walls of the nest. Moreover, the saliva hardens into hard-cement like element. This drink is considered as a prized delicacy in China particularly for its health benefits such as softer skin, better immune system as well as healthy liver. This bizarre beverage is also mixed with flavours such as sugar, minerals etc. However, we need to make sure that the drink is free of pollution as well as bird feathers. Moreover, deforestation and human encroachment have taken its toll on the population of swiftlets which has decreased drastically.

1. Placenta 10000 and Placenta Pro

Placenta, as you know, is responsible for providing nutrition to the embryo and ensures proper development of the child inside the woman’s womb. Women tend to look dull and weak during their pregnancy. However, this drink is considered extremely beneficial for pregnant women in order to get rid of depression and thus look young and healthy. While Placenta 10000 is made from placental extract of pigs, Placenta Pro is extracted from the placental extracts of horses.

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