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Top 10 Zodiac Signs that Cheat and Lie the Most

Do you believe that Astrology can tell you about someone’s moral fiber? Is it possible to decode the nature of a person through his zodiac sign? Certainly, the sensible answer to these questions is a “loud no”. The best way to check whether the person is trustworthy or not is to call his references and examine his actions. Conversely, if you are interested in deciding about the trustworthiness of a person through the tradition of Zodiac Signs, you can do so by going through the personality traits of various zodiac signs. The natives of the zodiac sign listed below are most likely to betray your trust.


10. Cancer

It is considered to be a reasonable trustworthy sign and competent of keeping undisclosed. This zodiac sign is a loyal sign similar to Libra. Such people are self-reproach kind, they do possess self-esteem issues, and feel lonely at times. The Cancer natives can ascertain to be very good friends. The faithfulness of the cancer natives can change its path when they are around their unsurpassed things. Such people are addicted to yummy food, chocolates, etc., consequently, they can encounter a slip-of-tongue in the region of their addictions.

9. Aquarius

Considered to be the Nobel people, the Aquarius natives believe in telling truth and are principled about their actions. Such people are aggravated by emotional cheating and are not involved in physical cheating. Many times such people become the target. Being emotional, the natives of this sign are more probable to be the victim of cheating. Sharing a secret with such people can be dangerous at times because these people are very much interested in tittle-tattle.

8. Capricorn

Respect and love is everything for the Capricorn natives. While dealing with romantic relations, such people become competitive. This feeling of competition forces them to cross all the limits for their love, and this competition trashes all romance, resulting in a messed-up relationship. This feeling of competition and jealousy forces them to cheat on others. The Capricorn natives do feel guilty whenever they cheat someone.

7. Scorpio

Being the manipulative person, the Scorpio natives think about themselves only. Such people work according to their own choice and are always ready to influence others for their personal benefit. Their jealousy and possessive sentiment of them forces them to cheat others. Such people easily develop grudges for others. Such people believe in taking revenge for small issues too.

6. Virgo

Most of the Virgo natives are emotional cheaters. They come out to be responsible and trustworthy people, but instead, they are the real cheaters as they cheat people mentally. They are very good at manipulating and misrepresenting things for their own benefit. Such people don’t believe in physical cheating, but menial cheating is their peculiarity.

5. Taurus

These people are loyal to their partners. But if their partner is disloyal, then the Taurus natives can cross all the boundaries to take revenge. Such people are highly motivated in taking revenge. They never believe in forgiving their enemies and are always geared up to betray others for their own profit. The male candidates of this Zodiac cheat a lot compared to the females.

4. Aries

Natives of this Zodiac Sign are most expected to cheat, after the Gemini people. These people are always ready to cheat and lie according to requirements. Being hard-working and go-getting kind of people, they always try to get credit for other’s work and ideas. Such people are excitement oriented, they always look for attention. If another person is disloyal to them, then they will surely cheat that person out of ego.

3. Leo

Leo, the people with the symbolism of Lions yearns for excitement. Such people are self-esteemed, they simply wish for attention. These people can cross all the limits to grow to be the central attention. To achieve the top position, the Leo people can even betray their close ones. You are totally wrong if you think that you can be psychologically sheltered with any Leo native. The Leo natives don’t leave any chance of hounding others for fun.

2. Pisces

The most self-esteemed people come under this category. The Pisces natives don’t mind cheating others for their fame and name. Such people are famous for being too possessive, jealous, and self-piteous. The only concept that they follow is tit-for-tat, that is, if according to them their partner has cheated them then they will surely do the same. Such people share a strong bond with the Leo natives. They never leave a chance to make their colleagues feel jealous of them.

1. Gemini

Beware of the natives of the Gemini, these people are most likely to break your trust and betray you. The Gemini people are witty and untrustworthy. Such people are talkative in nature, and can’t keep secrets, instead, they are always ready to disclose other’s secrets by adding many more spices. They believe in the falsification of the truth according to their interest. Many people named the natives of Gemini the “notorious gossips”, because of their interest in intimate conversations.

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