Top 10 Prostitutes in History

One of the oldest professions known to the human race, prostitution for most people is an evil, but for some, it has cultural values. Since the time history has been recorded, Prostitution has prevailed. In many parts of the country, prostitution is legal and is a celebrated profession. Many parents bid the virginity of their daughters for a price. Some prostitutes have been reticent and shunned while some of them have been an important part of history.


Prostitutes in History

Here is a list of top 10 prostitutes in history.

10. Ying Chi

Ying-chi is one of the oldest prostitutes known to human beings. Chinese emperor Wu employed a clad of women to keep his soldiers physically satisfied and entertained. Ying Chi actually means camp Harlot. These camps comprised widows of deceased soldiers. To keep the army entertained on long tours, Ying Chi’s were recruited as a means of sexual satisfaction.

9. Temple prostitutes

The temple prostitutes were of high cultural significance for the Greek roman society. Some argue their role as mere sex servants for the Temple while some believe them to be highly involved in rituals and god worshiping. Some say that these prostitutes were employed to garner revenue for temple expenses. One thing is for sure- they existed and prostitution in temples was a known practice.

8. Devdasis

The female servants of Hindu Goddess of fertility, Yellamma, were known as Devdasis. One the girl attains puberty, their parents auctioned their virginity for a huge amount of money. After that, they lived their lives dedicating it to the goddess Yellamma by indulging in prostitution every day. For parents, it was a great way to earn money as there was no burden of dowry.

7. Comfort Women

Comfort women were the ones compelled into prostitution by the Japanese government to please its soldiers. It is an immensely ridiculing example of women discrimination since most women were tricked into it by the government. They were promised jobs but were sent to brothels as a means to please the soldiers. Many women were beaten up if they refused to accede to the soldier. The Japanese government has issued sincere apologies regarding the matter.

6. Auletrides

Auletrides were high lad Greek prostitutes that were known to be well versed with various forms of entertainment such as Juggling, Dance, and Music. They were employed for high-class parties to entertain the crowd. Male members who wished to indulge in sexual activity had to negotiate with Madams regarding the price and time period. They had a unique image in society and were mostly respected by the people.

5. Ganika

An Indian version of Japan’s geisha, a Ganika was regarded as a high-class prostitute who was relished by upper-classmen. Most Geisha did not marry and employed themselves full time into prostitution. Apart from sexual indulgence, these women were expected to learn other arts as well. Once they got good the 64 arts, they were given the status of a Ganika.

4. Zonah

Zonah is regarded as the female Harlot of the Hebrew Bible. She was not at all permanently associated with a man and had no responsibility to raise children. If a daughter of a priest became a Zonah, she was subjected to capital punishment. Zonah were judged outside the bible norms, and had separate rules that governed them. Priests were not allowed to marry Zonah but a normal men could marry and relish a Zonah.

3. Hetaira

Back when prostitution was legal in Greece, Hetaira were often the non-Athenian citizens who were considered as  slave. It was illegal to marry a Hetaira but she could be taken home and relished by men frequently. Often, they were employed as mistresses of high-class people. Known for their beauty and charm, Hetaira’s status could never be tarnished and they’d be punished if they tried to act as normal citizens.

2. Tawaif

The beautiful and sensual Chandramukhi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas is a great example of a Tawaif. Tawaifs were beautiful women found in north India during 19th and 20th centuries and were known for their beauty and elegance. Although, Tawaif did not marry, they could have a loyal relationship with a man. They excelled in music and dance and it was tough for the high-class man to please them. Tawaif, if had a daughter, introduced her into the business as well.

1. Mut’ah

Mu’tah is a temporary marriage in Islam. Although, it was under the Islam laws to get married for a short time to see if the couple is compatible. However, many Islam followers oppose it as a loophole to indulge in sexual practices. Most women were paid to indulge in a Mut’ah and thus it is considered as a form of prostitution.

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