Top Ten ways to improve digestion

Digestion is a prime part of our body’s activities. No one likes the feeling of a bloated stomach. A good poop in the morning is a must for us to have a good day. Well digested food ensures good health and peace of mind. The food we eat, the way we eat it, and the time at which we eat it are important factors in determining our digestion quality. With certain precautions and steps, we can easily enhance digestion.

Here is a list of top ten ways of improving digestion:

10. Never skip your breakfast

I bet you have heard it a billion times- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure you eat a protein packed breakfast with enough fibers. After sleeping for 7-10 hours, our bodies crave energy. A nice bowl of oats with some egg whites along is a great way to start your day. Remember what someone said- Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a miser.

9. Chew Chew Chew

Process of digestion begins in your mouth. Food mixes with saliva and breaks down the starch into bolus, it’s called mastication. So the more you chew, the more your food will digest in the mouth itself. The task of the stomach and liver will be reduced and thus your food will easily digest. Also, your food becomes more nutritious and you’ll end up eating less.

8. Exercise

Take out at least half an hour everyday to move your body. It doesn’t mean you need to necessarily hit a gym regularly. Even going for a light brisk walk in the morning, taking stairs, and walking to the bus stand, would do wonders for your digestive health. Releasing energy in the form of sweat is an excellent way to boost your digestive system.

7. Do not over eat

We are used to having a plate that contains usurious amount of food. The term ‘portion control’ is something we should learn. It is nothing but keeping a short amount of food in your plate. When you see less food in front of you, you eat less. And when you eat less, you digest more easily.

6. Drink more water

Your body needs to have at least 9-15 glasses of water everyday. Make sure you don’t sip water during your meals. And once you eat, drink water after at least 30 minutes. Drinking more water is one of the easiest way to improve digestion. Water 20 minutes before mealtime is also a great way to boost digestion. Also, enough water will keep you energized through out the day.

5. Prevent processed foods

Processed food is an enemy for your digestive health. The idea of ‘cook it yourself’ is gaining popularity among health freaks. Anything that has been in your cupboard for 6 months is not fit for your digestion. Avoid processed ‘ready to cook’ food as much as you can. They might satiate your hunger but may leave you feeling bloated and full. Go make some efforts and cook the food yourself.

4. No to Booze

A recent study revealed that people who regularly booze complain much more digestive problems than those who don’t booze at all. To improve digestion, you will need to eliminate or at least limit the amount amount of booze you intake. Also, alcohol causes many other health issues. So it would be a wise move for you to cut down on the amount of booze you drink every day.

3. Eat on time

Have proper timings for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your body activities should run in cycles. It sets your organ to a routine and they subsequently function much more better. This simple habit will keep your digestive system in its best form. Even set the time during which you eat snacks. Wake up on time, have breakfast on time, lunch on time, evening snacks on time, dinner on time and sleeping on time. The ideal lifestyle. Period.

2. Include pro biotics in your diet

A diet filled with probiotics is a great way to ensure a sound digestion. Example of Probiotic food can be yogurt and Dark chocolate. A pro biotic diet can even help you with other issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. Food like kefir should be regularly included in our diet for optimum digestive benefits.

1. Manage stress

It is no secret that stress is one of the major reasons behind constipation and acidity. So manage stress as much as you can. Do some pranayama in the morning. Write all your worries, fears, frustrations in a piece of paper before sleeping. Tear that paper after writing. Have a massage on a weekly basis. Join a gym. Work out at least 30 minutes. Do what works for you best but please manage your stress.

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