Top Ten Worst Role Models for Children

The mind of a child is extremely contagious. Whatever a child sees, reads, and hears has a direct impact on his/her subconscious mind. Most adolescents’ behavior is a result of the upbringing they received. Upbringing is the major reason why some people turn out to be humble and kind while others turn out to be brash and aggressive. Parents should be careful about what the child reads and sees on television. Apparently, a naked Miley Cyrus licking a metal rod won’t affect your seven-year-old in a pleasant way.

Worst Role Models for Children

Here is a list of the Top Ten worst role models for children:

10. Beyonce

Watching her flaunt those fantastically designed curves is a delight for men. But, your 6-year son or daughter won’t be pleasantly affected with this view. Beyonce, no doubt, is a talented and beautiful woman who gives back to the society. But over depiction of one’s sexuality certainly has a bad impact on kids. She is a quality artist and has full right to make independent music. It is your job as a parent to protect your child from explicit content.

9. Athletes

Many kids are intrigued by sports programs telecast. Watching sports is certainly better than explicit music videos. Many children idolize their favorite athletes and aspire to become like them. But, many athletes stay in the news for wrong reasons. Some of them get arrested for possessing drugs, some for smoking weed, some for drunk driving, some of them even beat up their wives. These habits won’t make them good role models for our children.

8. Stars from reality TV

The so-called reality shows depict everything but reality. All the exaggerated dialogues, fights, love, drama and bitching does no good to the kids. The life depicted in these shows can be perceived to be real by a 7-year-old kid. Parents should be responsible enough to prevent their children from watching them. If they can’t prevent, at least sit besides them when they see it and remind them about all the flaws in these reality shows.

7. Characters from Disney Channel

Most characters from Disney channels are way too cocky and arrogant. Of course, some of them are sober and decent, but most of them lack the grace a teenage kid should possess. They achieve way too much fame (which is absolutely OK) and end up exploiting it. They are rude to their parents and channelize their thoughts and energy in the wrong direction.

6. Lance Armstrong

Widely considered as one of the greatest athletes of all time, Armstrong was stripped off his titles as he tested positive for illegal steroids. Before that, he was a symbol of hard work and determination among children. Watching your hero cheating his way to victory is extremely heartbreaking. I bet many of his fans might have been shattered after knowing about this news.

5. Kanye West

No doubt, he is one of the dopest rappers in the game today. Though his ‘I will do whatever I want to’ attitude is not good for a growing kid. Irrational bragging about money and girls equally has a bad impact on kids. Many young boys perceive this attitude and behavior as ‘cool’. Though, he is an extremely talented artist who has full right to express himself through music. As parents, it is your job to control your child’s exposure to such content.

4. Rihanna

The Gorgeous and talented Rihanna is no doubt a gem for the music industry. However, excessive display of sexuality has a bad impact on kids. Her songs, many times, reveal dark opinions and twisted fantasies. As an artist, she is apparently supposed to be herself. It’s you who need to watch your kids from getting affected from such content.

3. The Kardashians

These bimbos depict an aura of ‘appearance is more important than ability’. It won’t be suitable for your kids to watch them swear, do excessive makeup, and live a materialistic life. Their exaggerated reality shows are not suitable for the kids. They, without doubt, are an extremely toxic role models for children.

2. Justin Beiber

That 16-year-old cute kid has turned into a hedonist freak. He smokes marijuana, drives under the influence of alcohol, and indulges in useless brawls. Also, his music is no more teenage oriented but about alcohol and obsessive love relationships. Although, a very talented chap, his recent actions certainly make him a bad role model for kids. Apparently, fame got into his head.

1. Miley Cyrus

With extreme depiction of sexuality, talking about drugs and alcohol, obsessing over a failed relationship, Miley Cyrus is not a kid anymore and has succeeded to establish a distinct image. Her content, though, is only suitable for adult people. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ video could have a bad impact on your 10-year-old daughter. So, keep an eye on what your child views on the television.


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