Types Of Pet Birds

Top 10 Best Different Types Of Pet Birds Around The World

Birds are vertebrate, egg-laying, winged and feathered animals with beaks. According to specialists, there are around ten thousand species of birds all around the world. If love birds and you’re interested in the top ten most interesting and beautiful species in the world, then you’re in luck because below we’re going to take a closer look at the Top 10 different species of pet birds in the world.


Types Of Pet Birds

10. Scarlet Macaw

If you didn’t know, the macaw is the largest parrot in the world. Scarlet macaws are colored in very vivid colors and they have a size of around thirty-three inches in length, they have long tails, are adorned with yellow and blue feathers and also have a red plumage that covers their body. When it comes to their beaks, they’re long and quite strong, because they are used for cracking very hard nuts. If you’re wondering where you could see them, visiting South and Central America, but also Mexico will render you great chances of spotting a few. If humans speak to them, they can make similar sounding noises, which is very fun and interesting to hear.

9. Rainbow Lorikeet

This bird is an Australian species of parrots with an unmistakable voice and a distinct appearance. Because of their coloring, they are sure to attract attention wherever they fly. In terms of size, they measure around twenty-five to thirty centimeters and have a green wings, a blue belly, a red-orange chest, a greenish nuchal collar and a blue head. Most of the times they travel together and are generally found in Australia.

8. Gurney’s Pitta

This amazing bird can be seen in Myanmar and Thailand and it’s truly unique. The Gurney’s pitta is a medium-sized that considered a precious species and that is due to its conservation status. It has a blue-tinged tail, a dark brown upper side, yellow and black underpants, a yellow neck, a black head and a blue crown. In terms of food, the Gurney’s Pitta feeds on slugs, insects and worms. Because of its status and rarity, it’s considered the most wanted bird in Thailand by bird lovers.

7. Northern Cardinal

As its name implies, this bird is native to North America and it’s basically a twenty-one centimeters songbird. When it comes to male birds, they are covered with a black mask around a reddish bill and beautiful red all over. What distinguishes them from other birds is their prominent crest on their heads and their short bills, which make them look pretty special. Not only does the Northern Cardinal look wonderful, but it’s also very relaxing to hear, since it can whistle sweet melodies.

6. Greater Bird of Paradise

As their name suggests, these birds look absolutely amazing and they can be found in Indonesia’s Aru Islands and in New Guinea as well. Due to their size (around forty-three centimeters), they are considered large birds and what stands out about them (especially the male) is the fact that when it’s watched from a different angle of light, its green face seems to change color. The Greater Bird of Paradise has a bluish beak, a silver and yellow head and a green face. When it comes to their diet, these wonderful birds feed on insects, seeds and fruits.

5. Peacock

Also known as the Indian Peafowl, the peacock is a brightly colored and large bird that’s native to S. Asia with a diet that consists mainly of small animals, insects and plants. Male peacocks have quite imposing looks; a colorful eyespot pattern on their feathers (gold, orange and blue), a crown and a blue body. Using their beauty, they try and attract male peacocks in order to mate. In terms of size, they can measure between thirty-five and fifty inches and their tale can go up to five feet.

4. Golden Pheasant

Also known as the Chinese Pheasant, this beautiful bird is native to the dense forests of W. China. In terms of length, it measures between ninety and one hundred and five centimeters long, with 2\3 of its body comprising of its tail. Domestic bird buyers are quite interested in it and that is because of its exotic plumage that features an interesting range of colors. Even though they can fly, they’re not too good with it, so that is why most of the time they will stay on the ground.

3. Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is an enchanting white and black sea bird that has a colorful (blue, yellow, red) bill. Most noticeable are their orange legs and their constitution which is stocky. While their back and top of their heads is black, their underside and cheeks are white. While in general, these birds spend their time in the sea waters, they do come onshore during the warmer season for breeding. In the wintertime, their bill becomes grayish and dull-colored, while in the summertime it becomes brightly colored. This indicates to their mates that they’re ready for breeding.

2. Scarlet Tanager

The Scarlet Tanager is a stunning, medium-sized American songbird. These birds have a pale beak, black feathers and a bright red plumage which makes them look really special. Even better, they are very good singers and many people enjoy listening to their songs. Those who want to see them should know that the Scarlet Tanager can be found in the North American forests. According to info from the IUCN, their status is “Least Concern”.

1. American Goldfinch

This N. American bird has a brightly yellow color during summertime, but also a pinkish beak, white and black feathers and a black forehead. Size-wise, it measures between eleven to fourteen centimeters and it only eats plants, so it’s vegetarian. If you want to see it in its natural habitat, you will have a greater chance of spotting it in residential areas and also weedy fields. Due to the fact that they’re considered active birds, there’s a high chance for them to be attracted by bird feeders.

With that being said, these are the Top 10 different species of pet birds around the world that will certainly make you say “wow” when seeing them. They’re truly special, beautiful and a wonder to admire, especially in their natural habitat.

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