Work Distractions

Work Distractions: Top 10 Most Common Distractions at Work

More than half of the day of a person is spent in office. The space and environment of the workplace is what decides the productivity of person. The most irritating part is being distracted while working. Music, sound, phone, people, distraction can be from a lot of things which vary from person to person. Distractions as such can not be eliminated from life, but they can surely be minimized.

If you wish to change that habit of getting distracted from things, you need to first jot down a list of things that commonly distract you. The next thing you need to do is work on the mentioned topics in a way that with passing time they stop distracting you. Tada! After You have done that now you can work properly under any circumstances. This surely isn’t less than a superpower.


Workplace Distractions

Here’s a list of things by which people are majorly distracted in office:

10. Visitors

Be it clients or any other person related to the office when someone makes that click of sound, you are prone to forgetting all your calculations. The mind draft you just prepared for your next presentation is lost and your brain refuses to recollect the idea. If someone enters your cabin unannounced and you still have to be polite to that person, it seems like a difficult job. To reduce the chances of such things happening, ask your secretary not to let anyone get in without appointment. Or you can yourself prefix the time at which you are supposed to meet people.

9. Texts

That constant vibration of the phone or glowing of light on the screen with a ping sound is so distracting. You tend to put your work aside to check what the message is, when in reality you should have been working on that project. The best way is to keep the phone on silent and not keep checking messages every now and then while working.

8. Noise

The constant sound of the photocopy machine or the clicking of phones does not let a person concentrate on the subject properly. It requires great concentration to get past that noise and focus on the work which most people are unable to do.

7. Calls

It won’t be the end of the world if you do not reply to each and every call you receive during working hours. It’s best to put the phone on silent mode or voice mail while working. You don’t need to deal with every petty issue people face in their life, while you are struggling to complete your work. Put your life and work before theirs, you can listen to them afterwards when you are done with your work.

6. Untidy Place

It does not seem relevant, but it is. An unorganized or dirty place automatically turns off a person’s wish to work. It is always difficult to find stuff required in a messy place as compared to a clean and organized place. After some time, a person tends to get irritated with the routine of trying to find things in the unorganized pile before starting the work and it takes more time to complete the work.

5. Music

Listening to music while working signifies that your full concentration is not on the work being done. The person is prone to making mistakes. While the other situation in which someone else is listening to songs and you are being distracted by it is true too.

4. Colleagues

People who love to gossip are the ones that distract you from your work the most. While people love to talk, they forget that the moment at which they wish to talk isn’t the same when the other person is free. In such situations, it is best to explain the situation to the other person. Most of the time people will understand your situation.

3. Environment

The surroundings inside the office and outside the office do affect the productivity of a person. If you have an office with glass windows, you will get distracted by the everyday chores that keep going on outside the window. The distractions always seem more interesting than the work and you tend to get out of time that way.

2. Mind

Sometimes the mind just refuses to focus on the work and keeps wandering to different places. It does not care for the fact that there’s a deadline to the work assigned. It seems like a helpless situation. The mind decides to complete a project in lethargy and daydreaming, other than completing the monotonous projects.

1. You

There is no bigger distraction in the world then the person itself. If you wish to do something, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing that. If you wish to be distracted from these petty things, there’s no way you will be able to work anytime.

This is a list which includes the major distractions faced by people at workplace. But as different people get distracted by different things. It always varies from person to person.

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